How Google Identified and Fought over 700,000 bad Apps and 100,000 bad Developers in 2017.

Google fought bad apps and malicious developers

User's safety are the number one priority to Google has they designed numerous detections models and techniques to safeguard their user's experience. Andrew Ahn, the product manager Google Play on Tuesday 30th let the public know how and what they did to archived it. I shared this post for App developer, I want them to take notes of these highlighted example of Apps that violated Play Store rules in order not to be banned both your account and product on Google Play. Andrew Ahn on describing what apps are meant for wrote
Apps bring devices to life -- letting you book a ride instantly, connect and share memories with friends, be alerted about current events, play games with someone across the globe and get work done in the office or on the road
. As we all known that Google Play Store is committed on providing safe experience for billions of Android users to discover apps, made Google team in detecting, removing bad apps and malicious developers in 2017. With the increments in percentage of the App taken down in 2017 about 70% more apps were taken down compared to that of 2016. More than 700,000 apps were taken down which results in taking down of 100,000 bad developers in 2017.
Not only we remove more bad apps, we were able to identify and action against them earlier. In fact, 99% of app with abusive contents were identified and rejected before anyone could install them
wrote Andrew Ahn. Those bad developers were made more difficult to create new accounts and attempts to publish yet another set of bad apps he added. 

  Below are examples of apps taken down by Google Play team in 2017. 

Those apps that attempts to impersonate famous apps by designing resemble mainstays is one of the common violation. Ahn believed that they archived this by using confusable Unicode characters or hiding impersonating app icons in a different locale with the same keyword. More than a quarter of a million apps were taken down. 

 Contents such as pornography, extremely violence, hate and illegal activities were taken down in 2017. Google Play Team archived this with the help of improved machine that learnt model sift through massive amount of incoming app submission which thereafter flag them into a particular violation. Tens of thousand of inappropriate content apps were taken down by the improved detections methods. 

Apps that conduct SMS fraud, act as Trojans horse virus or phishing user's information.
While in small volume, PHAs pose a threat to Android users and we invest heavily in keeping them out of the play store
Ahn wrote. As PHAs apps developer go the extra mile to make their app look as legit as possible, it has become non-trivial for Google's Play Team to find but with the launch of Google Play Protect in 2017, the annual PHA installs rates on Google Play was reduced by 50% year over year. Google Play Protect does this by automatically performs scans on installed applications to hunt for anything that's out of place. Despite the new and enhanced detection method, there are those that still manage to trick and evade Google layer of defense and Ahn said they are taking them extremely seriously and will continue to innovate our capabilities to better detect and protect against abusive apps and malicious developers behind them in order to make Play Store more trusted and safe App Store in the world.

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