With your Android Phone, You can now send SMS Messages using Alexa.

How can send text messages straight to the recipient on Android using Alexa
Alexa which are the product of Amazon now has the ability to send SMS messages. Alexa which are been used in messaging other people through the Alexa app has expanded it's ability by Amazon in order to send SMS text messages to any phone. 

 This new feature only works with Android phone for Alexa users that have the Alexa app installed. 
As we are reporting, the feature is only available for Android users, no word if the feature is coming also to iOS devices but we are expecting Amazon to do so. 

This new feature comes just days before HomePod which features the ability to send iMessage and SMS messages through Siri. The new feature should be rolling out now on any Amazon devices that support Alexa messages and calling, but obviously it isn't available on any third party Alexa speaker. 
 By default, when you ask Alexa to send “a message” will make the device first to try sending messages to the app, assuming if the receiver has it installed and configured, and will only send through SMS if that option isn't available. But asking Alexa to send “a text” though will cause it to go straight to sending SMS messages. Hope you understand how it is done in order to be accurate when trying yours. 

  To set the feature up 

➡ Navigate to conversations tab ➡ Contacts ➡ My profile ➡ Switch the send “SMS” feature on. That's all and you will be able to send text messages straight to the recipient on Android phone.

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