How To Send Pictures, Music And Videos From Android To iPhone Using Xender App.

Do you know that you can send any file from your Android phone to iPhone with the power of Xender App? No need for wasting our time by explaining what Xender App is all about, because if you are a smartphone user - you would be familiar with Xender the best files sharing app with awesome speed. Read More about Xender App here.
How To Send Pictures, Music And Videos From Android To iPhone Using Xender App.
iPhone devices are very selfish (fact). Yes very selfish as if you are an iPhone user, you would agree with me that the iOS operating system are very selfish also expensive too. 

 Selfish in the scene that you cannot send files (pictures, videos, music, apps, doc etc) from any other operating system such as Android Os to your iPhone or iPad using Bluetooth - it only work within the same Os.

 Expensive also in the scene that you have to spend money in downloading. With iOS devices, you cannot download music files or videos online, you can only watch or listen them online. When it comes in downloading music from iTunes, you'd have to buy most of the songs online or you bypass it by buying and using the iTunes software on a computer. Why would you have to pay for a song when you can simply download it for free online using Android devices? 

 Also most of the apps on Apple Store, you cannot get the free version instead you buy it. Though Apple's apps are more optimized and designed than any other Os( Android and Blackberry Os), also they work flawlessly with one another that's why you cannot send to your friend using iOS your Android game, I won't propose their selfishness and expensive display. Not only apps working flawlessly with one another, also different iOS-enabled devices are same that's why iWatch is more or useless without an iPhone to work with. As you can transfer something from iWatch to iPhone or iPhone to iPad all because they are on the same Os but why not across platforms? These are because of security reasons as Apple are very conscious of their user's privacy but if I may ask how many of Android users have actually faced security issues? The same applies to Blackberry Os. The results of iPhone been selfish and expensive made people having more respect for iPhone users than Android or Blackberry users. 
 With the power of Xender App which are available both on play store and Apple Store installed on your iPhone and Android, you can send music, pictures and videos from Android to iPhone.

 It's encouraging to jailbreak your iPhone and bypass the restrictions but i also want to let you know that this process is safe apart from some limitations to it as you wouldn't want to try or follow any process that may damage your iPhone if anything goes wrong been aware the price of iOS device. 

  The Limitations are
The music and videos files transferred from Android to iPhone cannot be played directly from the Music folder on the iPhone instead they can only be play through the Xender application but the pictures on contrary works great and can be viewed from iPhone photo gallery.

__To use Xender in sending files from Android to iPhone follow below steps__

➡ Download and install Xender App on both phone if not already installed. 
➡ Launch the Xender App on your Android phone and leave it running. 
➡ Tap on the Send button look at the down left side of the page and tap on **Connect iPhone**
➡ Now on your iPhone device go to Settings ➡ Wi-Fi ➡ Tap on ➕ icon or add a new Wi-Fi network and name the Synonymous/SSID to what ever Wi-Fi address displayed on your Android Xender screen when you tapped on connect iPhone .
➡ Still on iPhone, navigate to the Xender App and tap on Receive button and the connection should be initiated automatically. 

  Don't leave without reading this

 Now you have successfully connected your Android phone to iPhone and can now begin transferring files from your Android phone to iPhone with awesome speed on the Xender App.
Use the inforgraphic below for clear explanation. Don't forget to share. Thanks for reading. 
How To Send Pictures, Music And Videos From Android To iPhone Using Xender App (inforgraphic)

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