LG will Release G6 and Q6 in several new colors.

LG launches G6, Q6 AND V30 with different colors
Credit: theverge.com

Are you bored of your fashionable black or white cellphone? in case you are, LG is freeing its G6 and Q6 in numerous new hues. The G6 now comes in Moroccan Blue, Lavender Violet, and Raspberry Rose, while the Q6 also receives the new blue and lavender colorations. LG describes the brand new sun shades of as “sophisticated,” “romantic,” and “evolved to enchantment to each males and females who respect the finer things in lifestyles. 

  ThuyOng's colleague Vlad Savov, said when LG previously announced Raspberry Rose V30 earlier this month that the phone is “a awesome new shade of underachievement.” mainly because there are now two more shades to choose from. 

 The G6 now comes in eight colors: Astro Black, Ice Platinum, Mystic White, Terra Gold, Marine Blue, and the 3 introduced sunglasses. The Q6 is available inside the identical colorations, except for Raspberry Rose. (The V30 is also available in the new shades.) The new G6 attractive design are motivating, however there was a fault with its average cameras. ThuyOng who posted this on theverge.com said they cited the Q6 is a smaller and more lower priced telephone, but it has a Micro USB at the lowest, which Vlad notes is a dying widespread.  

The brand new hues for the G6 and Q6 will be launched in Korea first in February, accompanied by key markets worldwide. LG says pricing and release dates could be announced regionally, though there’s no indication if and once they’ll be released within the US. the standard colored G6 and Q6 unlocked gadgets are currently $700 and $300 hundred, respectively. 

 It’s not likely LG will announce a successor to its G6 tool on the cellular global Congress next month in Barcelona. 

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