New Whatsapp Update will features PiP Mode, Private Replies and more.

According to a post from @wabetainfo, Whatsapp set to roll out PiP mode and private replies in it's next update. This update will allow you to reply to a group message privately and use the PiP (pictures in picture) mode via whatsapp web/desktop version. Unfortunately this mode is only available for Android Oreo devices (for the mobile version). Hopefully, soonest (first-quarter) in 2018, users of the web version will login to see this new feature, as of now it is still in beta version (undergoing development). The rate at which whatsapp are rolling out features from update to update are really impressive, maybe they want it to look more than a messaging app. Here are the features which has been rolled out and the ones coming soon - Whatsapp's YouTube integration, Whatsapp's Admin super powers, Whatsapp's live location, Whatsapp's Delete for everyone, Whatsapp's search group members and more.

Here are the features expected in upcoming whatsapp web

Picture in Picture feature (PiP mode)
This new feature when rolled out will allow users to watch sent and received videos in a new separated window and a new icon will be available when you're watching the video. When the user selects this option, the picture in picture will be started with the selected video, presenting a new window with a very nice UI.

Private Replies
This feature also when rolled out will allow users to reply to group messages privately. There will be a new option called “Reply privately” when selected, whatsapp will automatically open the chat with the contact to send a message. The sent message will quote that group message.

What's your reactions to this?, why is it only available for Android Oreo devices for mobile version? Drop your comments below and also share with your friends.

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