List of Available Video Hosting Services 2017

Video hosting services are websites or softwares that allow users to distribute their video clips. Some services may charge a fee but the majority out there are available for free. Commercialization features such as partnership programs and the ability for users to offer pay-per-view for their videos are offered by some services.

The options for private sharing and other publication sharing are also there for some services. Video hosting websites are classified mainly into four popular categories: they include

1# User-generated video sharing websites
They are sites mostly offer free services whereby users can upload video clips and share them with the audiences. Many sites place restrictions and rules of their supported options like the size of the file, video format (3gp, Mp4, fvi etc), subject matter and duration.
According to some website's terms and conditions (Terms of service), they state it clear that they do not allow inappropriate content though that what seems as inappropriate content varies from one site to other, under age (person below 18) will not be able to access their site. They have the right to screen all their content before publishing while some approve first and use community features to filter out inappropriate content after-the-fact.

2# Video sharing platform/White Label providers
They sell the technology to various parties that allow them to create the services of the aforementioned. They are websites that host and manage other companies's videos/images/audio. Some of these websites also offer user-generated video sharing both for showing off purpose and for commercial purposes.

3# Web-based video editing
These type of video hosting site are websites that offer user-generated video sharing in addition to some form of editing application for easily cropping of their video into smaller clip. Some of these applications are based in AJAX and FLASH. This is not a desktop-but-web-based video editor list with downloadable editors offer.

4# Enterprise Providers
They offer exclusively serving businesses wanting to share video contents internally with employees or externally with customers, partners or prospects. Their features include limiting access to authenticated users, tracking of user actions, integration with single sign-on services and lacks of the advertisements normally present on public sites.

According to Wikipedia's Commons:mediastatistics here are all the available video hosting services 2017 (list). Listed according to categories and sorted alphabetically. All credits goes to Wikipedia's mediastatistics.

Note: Adult (pornographic) video hosting services just as Pornhub are not listed here.

Hoster Category

Acfun User-generated
Aparat User-generated User-generated
AfreecaTV User-generated
Bilibili User-generated User-generated
Buzznet User-generated User-generated User-generated
Dailymotion User-generated
Daum User-generated
EngageMedia User-generated
ExpoTV User-generated
Facebook User-generated
Flickr User-generated
Fotki User-generated
Frequency User-generated User-generated
Funshion User-generated
Gfycat User-generated
GoodnessTV User-generated
GodTube User-generated
LeTV User-generated
Liveleak User-generated
Mainstreaming User-generated
Mefeedia User-generated
Metacafe User-generated
MySpace User-generated
Naver User-generated
Nico Nico Douga User-generated
OneWorldTv User-generated
OraTV User-generated
Photobucket User-generated
QqVideo User-generated
Rediff User-generated
RutTube User-generated
Sapo Videos User-generated
School Tube User-generated
Smugmug User-generated User-generated
Triluilu User-generated
Tudou User-generated
Twitch User-generated
Tvuol User-generated
Vbox7 User-generated
Veoh User-generated
Viddler User-generated
Viddsee User-generated
Vidme User-generated
Vidoosh User-generated
Vidyard User-generated
Vimeo User-generated
Vk User-generated
Vzaar User-generated
Wistia User-generated
Youku User-generated
YouTube User-generated
Zing.on User-generated

Dailymotion Cloud White Labels
VHx White Labels

Animoto Web-based
Clesh Web-based
Dailymotion Web-based
FORscene Web-based
Magisto Web-based
Pixorial Web-based
WeVideo Web-based
YouTube Web-based

BrightCove Enterprise providers
Cambridge Enterprise providers
Dailymotion Enterprise providers
Jwplayer Enterprise providers
Kaltura Enterprise providers
Kewego Enterprise providers
Mediacore Enterprise providers
MetaCDN Enterprise providers
Ooyala Enterprise providers
ThePlaform Enterprise providers
Ustream Enterprise providers
Viastreaming Enterprise providers
Viddler Enterprise providers

Now you have known all the 2017 available Videos hosting services, you should start hosting your videos massively in other to drive conversion.

Did I miss any available video hosting services ? Share on comment box or you can just send me a mail.
Note: Most available video hosting services listed above are not in English language.

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