How to Remove Google Gmail account from your Android phone without Factory Reset.

One of the things some new Android users finds hard to do is to remove their Android Google Gmail account without Factory resetting their phone. Even though, i said new Android users, a lot of old users are not yet aware of this simple steps that involves few clicks and they don't care to know (factory resetting has become their daily routine).
I particularly when I was new to Android, i was unaware of this - switching from one Google Gmail to another with the help of Factory reset. And today, i just flashed back to my own funny experiences before finding this simple steps am about to teach you, and i known a lot of Android users are unaware or have totally forgotten this trick hence i have the need to share this simplest trick on how to remove Google Gmail account from your Android phone without Factory Store. This post will let you know or refresh your memory if you have forgotten about it.

As we all known the importance of Google Gmail to our Android phones and upon purchasing and launching a new Android phone, setting up Google Gmail account is the 1/5 things to do straight away. There aren't much thing you can do with your Android phone without having any Google Gmail account linked to it. 95% of Android users that I knew uses Google Gmail account even though 5% of Android users doesn't make use of Google Gmail account thereby having low performances and user experience.

To download from Google Play Store, uses find my phone features, location access, Backup and restore (synchronization), Google Play services - all requires a Gmail account to work.
Seems like am moving out from our original topic? Back to our tutorial, having seen the importance of Google Gmail above and in some cases that requires you to remove the registered Google Gmail account may become unavoidable. Let's take it like this, if you plan selling your Android phone, to protect your privacy you have to remove the Gmail account and factory resetted the phone but in the cases of latter, like if you plan giving the phone to your close relation or friend, that your friend or relative may want to link his/her own Gmail account without losing the files (music, videos, pictures, documents, PDF, apps etc) or that you created a new Gmail account and want to remove your formal Gmail inorder to use the new one, you may not want to lose your files because of Factory reset. In such case(s), you rather use this simple trick. Simply remove your Google mail account from the device without having factory reset - with this way, the files are intact and the new user does not get to see nor receive your emails.

Here we go, To do this follow these simple steps

⏩ Go to settings
⏩ Scroll down and tap on Accounts. If you have any Google Gmail account registered on the phone, you'd see Google displayed there.
⏩ Tap on Google, at this point the Google mail account registered on the phone would be displayed. You can also tap on the other if more than one Gmail account is registered.
⏩ On the new window, a synchronization page would be displayed.
⏩ Tap on the option (...) icon and select remove account.
A warning would be displayed Removing this account will delete all of it's messages, contacts, and other data from the phone!
Messages, contacts and datas in this case are those that concerns the Gmail account not particularly the files in the phone. Therefore tap on Remove account, if you are sure about removing the account. At this time, the Gmail account will be removed and you can confirm it by going back to settings ➖ Accounts and you will not see Google there. If more than one Gmail was registered in the phone, you will still find google displayed there, tap on Google and that account you removed earlier won't be there. Apply above steps to remove more than one Gmail account.

For Android version 4.4 - down (previous), the labels will seem quite different.
To do this
⏩ Go to settings
⏩ Scroll down you will see subheading labelled "Accounts"

⏩ Tap on Google

⏩ On the new window, tap on Gmail account, there you will see all synced apps and datas

⏩ Tap on your phone menu button and you will be presented with two options “sync now and remove account ”
⏩ Tap on Remove account

and you will be presented with a warning Removing this account will delete all of it's messages, contacts, and other data from the phone!
⏩ Tap on Remove account and you are done.

Thanks for your time.


  1. Thanks for this simplified information. You just enlightened me and made it easier for me.i have had difficulties with it twice..

    1. Now, you won't go through difficult again with the above steps. Thanks for your comment

  2. Wow... Thats for the help... It was very helpful article for new users

  3. So helpful! Life saver!


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