How to Enjoy Streaming and Downloading on YouTube via Glo network.

Hello friends, I known that most of you has started enjoying this blazing endless YouTube videos streaming/downloading using Glo network but if you haven't, i am here to put you through.
Globacom has joined 9mobile and Airtel in offering free YouTube streaming and the good thing here is that it is for both Old and New subscribers. And can enjoy this awoof on every internet data bundles from ₦500 and above. It also usable on all devices with either 4G LTE, 3G or 2G internet enabled phone.
Some of you have been flexing endless YouTube videos streaming and downloading on YouTube via MTN network while some are enjoying Airtel social data bundles to download large files via opera mini browser and today am going to show you how you can get unlimited YouTube streaming or downloading using your YouTube Go App or YouTube App with Glo network.

Before I proceed, get these materials ready

⏩ Working Glo SIM
⏩ YouTube Go app or YouTube App
⏩ 2G/3G/4G LTE network internet enabled phone
⏩ Any device like windows phone, Android, iOS or PC.

Now to watch and download unlimited on YouTube try this

➡ Subscribe to any data bundles from ₦500 above by dialing *777#. Note: you can also buy data plan using Glo hsi self-care

➡ Once you have subscribed, wake up at 12.30am or to start the YouTube unlimited streaming and downloading from 1am - 5am daily.

➡ Switch on your data, open your YouTube Go app or YouTube App and start streaming and downloading your favorite contents.

Things to note

➡ Your ₦500 or ₦1000 subscription has nothing to do with the YouTube streaming or downloading. It works as gateway (gives you access)
➡ Dial *127*0# to check your data balance to see if has be deducted but don't worry you will notice that it is still unchanged/deducted from your current data as far as you are still between 1am-5am.
➡ Only streaming and downloading YouTube videos will make your data not been deducted.
➡ If you browse or do social networking, your current data will start reducing because you browse another site that is apart from YouTube.
➡ After 5am and you are still streaming or downloading, accept the fact that your main data must surely be tamper, don't say i didn't warmed you.


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