Tech: Apple and Samsung Lost it as Vivo beats them with New Tech.

According to a post, it has been confirmed that the VIVO (smartphones manufacturing company) that will be launch at CES in January with a new tech (Clear ID Fingerprint scanner) underneath the OLED display.

Before i continue read first time ever phone with 8000mAh battery capacity and Nokia 8 Dual-sight Camera mode, most of the smartphone manufacturer has been featuring new tech but none of them have never think of Clear ID. In favour of Face ID, Apple abandoned it's fingerprint scanner, partly because new iPhone X has no space for a home button and also Samsung that kept the scanner but been placed in an awkward space right near the camera lens. But with the Vivo's new tech that will feature Clear ID fingerprint scanner underneath the OLED display, Apple and Samsung has lost it to the upcoming manufacturer, supposedly twice as fast as face ID, Clear ID reads the user's fingerprint from beneath the screen all without interrupting anything displayed. In an article for Forbes, Vivo's tech analyst PATRICK MOORHEAD who has been trialing the new device said that it works faster as he expected and confirmed the public that Vivo would be first to use the tech. Also MCDONALD in an opinion said
The Clear ID experience was fast and simple, i pressed the right side button to wake, a fingerprint image illuminated, at the bottom of the phone, i touched it, and it let me in. I am expecting Vivo to modify the experience, so i just have to “hold to wake” so i do not even have to use the button
. Although that the Samsung Galaxy S9 that is rumored to be revealed at CES which was suggested to feature fingerprint scanner that will still be on the rear. It is likely to be moved away from the camera lens as in Galaxy S8. Also Apple were believes to include this new fingerprint scanner in it's new iPhone models.

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