35 Email Marketing Statistics Every Marketers Should know in 2018.

Today am sharing with you top Email marketing statistics from 2014 - 2017 (35 in numbers) which you as a digital marketer should know before 2018 in order to maximize ROI.
Email marketing has been a buzz phrase in the digital marketing industry right from 1978 till date, alongside with the recent channels SMS and Social medias.
The needs of growing email lists to any business has been the goal to accelerate growth in their business. With thousands of email marketing stats bouncing up and down the web, it is slightly difficult for anyone especially newly businesses to know which one is factual, relevant and current. From a post shared by webpresencesolutions.net and Hubspot.com , i have compiled top eye-opening email marketing statistics that you should know before 2017 ends.

1# The numbers of email users worldwide is forecasted to rise to 2.9 billion users by 2019. (Source: Statista 2016)

2# 11a.m ET has the highest clickthrough rate for email sends (Source: Hubspot 2015)

3# 54% of marketers say increasing engagement rate is their top email marketing priority (source: Ascend2 2016)

4# The number of e-mail users in the US is projected to grow to 244.5 million by the end of 2017, that number is forecast to grow to 254.7million by 2020 (source: Statista 2016)

5# For every $1 you spend, average return of $38 is expected (Source: Emailmonday.com 2015)

6# Adobe's second Email survey of white collar workers said that the time spent checking email increased 17% YoY (source: Adobe.com 2016)

7# Survey respondents to Adobe's second annual email survey say they check emails while watching TV or while watching a Movie (69%), in bed (57%), and on vacation (79%). Percentages increase across the board for millennials (ages 18 - 34). (source: Adobe.com 2016)

8# Two-thirds of e-mails are read on Smartphones (source: marketing land 2015)

9# Americans most commonly check their emails while watching TV (70%), from bed (52%), on vacation (50%), while on the phone (43%), from the bathroom (42%) and even while driving (18%) (source: Adobe.com 2015)

10# 48% of e-mails are opened on a smartphone (source: Movable Ink, 2015)

11# 41% of e-mail are opened on an iPhone (source: movable Ink, 2015)

12# 75% of Gmail users access their accounts on mobile devices (source: TechCrunch 2015)

13# Gmail has active users of 1 billion worldwide (source: Statista 2016)

14# 66% of unsubscribes occur between 5 and 10pm (source: Tomasz Tunguz 2015)

15# 86% of professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes (source: Hubspot.com 2017)

16# 78% of consumers have unsubscribed from emails because a brand was sending too many emails (source: Hubspot.com 2016)

17# 42% of marketers do not send targeted email messages, only 4% use layered targeting (source: marketingProfs 2016)

18# Segmented and targeted emails generate 58% of all revenue ( source: The direct marketing association 2015)

19# The ability to segment email lists and individualize email campaign messaging are the most effective personalization tactics for 51% and 50% of marketing influencers respectively (source: Ascend2 2016)

20# 83% of companies use at least basic segmentation for their emails (source: Econsultancy 2016)

21# Email subject lines that include the words “Thank you” have the highest above-average engagement levels (source: Adestra 2015)

22# Brands that personalize promotional marketing emails experience 27% higher unique click rate and 11% higher open rate than those that do not personalize (source: Experianplc.co 2016)

23# More than 86% of businesses surveyed indicate that they plan to increase their upcoming email marketing budgets (source: emailonacid.com 2016)

24# Email recipients who favor Mobile-aware email marketing designs rose from 15% in 2015 to 27% in 2016 (source: Litmus.com 2016)

25# Open rates increased on a year-over-year basis (up from 31% to 34.1%) while click rates declined (from 3.5% to 3.1%) according to a Q3 2016 review of benchmarks by Epsilon (source: Epsilon 2017)

26# Segmented email campaigns have an open rate that is 14.32% higher than non-segmented campaigns (source: Mailchimp.com 2016)

27# Email notifications about abandoned carts have a 40.5% open rate (source: Emarketer 2015)

28# As the number of images in an email increases, the clickthrough rate of the email tends to decrease (source: Hubspot 2014)

29# Consumers have an average of 1.8 accounts per user, US business users have an average of 1.2 accounts per user as of 2016 (source: Radicati.com 2016)

30# Consumer email accounts make up the majority of US email accounts in 2016, representing 79% of US mail boxes (source: Radicati.com 2016)

31# Only about one-third of US retail email list subscribers have actually made a purchase from the retailer whose email they subscribed to, according to industry data cited by email marketingFirm Listrak, many have made just one purchase from that retailer. (source: Emarketer 2016)

32# According to August 2016 data from e-commerce website personalization provider Barilliance. The best retargeting conversion rate happens when the first retargeting email is sent within an hour (source: Emarketer 2016)

33# Triggered emails drive 624% higher conversion responses for the same number of sends as compared to “batch and blast” emails. This is driven by a 381% higher click rate and an 180% higher post-click conversion rate. (source: Venturebeat.com 2016)

34# Out of the 35% of US retail email list subscribers who are customers of the retailer they received an email from, just 15% have made multiple purchases. (source: Emarketer 2016)

35# 64% of people prefer rich text emails (source: Hubspot 2014)

In conclusion, these handpicked stats are the major ones I thought you should know. There are alot out there which you can search on. In order to maximize ROI using email marketing as your primary marketing tool, the needs for you to review these email marketing statistics are not overlookable cause it is required in your strategy and tactics.
Note: as I said earlier that I compiled these stats from a blog post by hubspot and webpresencesolutions , i claimed no account of the stats.
All credit goes to them.

You can also share your own stats with us using below comment box.
Thank you


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