WoW: See Customized iPhone X That Costs £34000 (₦13,600,000) – Photos.

This is quite hard to believe that one can buy this phone. This phone is for the elites and very wealthy personalities that want to extravagantly spend money on luxury. This phone was customized by CAVIAR.

About Caviar Mobile Manufacturing company

Caviar is a Russian Company and expert in manufacturing and customizing already manufactured special edition phones adorned with the portrait of Russia President. They have this talent of customizing and making unique phones out of the official ones and placing outrageous prices tag. This time around, they has customized latest Apple Flagship smartphone (iPhone X).

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Recently, they customized the Classic Nokia 3310 with a golden plague of both USA President Donald Trump and Russia President Vladimir Putin faces. Also they are responsible for iPhone X with a solar panel on the back.

About the Caviar Customized iPhone X

The back is encrusted with 344 diamonds of different sizes. The phone also has a Single line of 14 large rubies as well as a golden plague of the two-headed eagle. This unique iPhone X imperial Crown uses 64 GB Internal storage and will costs you a huge amount of money worth RUB2.4 million Russian Money or £34,200 or about ₦13.6 million Nigerian Naira.

Please my people, can you fit buy this kind phone ?.

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