Whatsapp Update Hints YouTube Integration - YouTube Videos Will Soon Be Viewable Right Within Whatsapp Chat Window.

Reports have been rumored that the facebook-owned messaging app are planning to improve the YouTube viewing experience right on the Whatsapp interface.
As of now, YouTube videos links will redirect users to the YouTube app or the user's defaulted browser. This was introduced since version 2.17.40 hitting a video playback functionality.

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But Clue suggests that YouTube videos will soon be viewable right within Whatsapp chat environment. According to WABETAINFO (Whatsapp beta version team info), users can pinch on the clip to expand it in different sizes or even get an in-App YouTube experience in full view. Also the picture-in-picture mode can be moved around the app to prevent it from blocking the text beneath.

This feature is still in beta version, so there is no guarantee that it will make it in the main app but let's hope it does. If it is really Under testing, the YouTube integration on Whatsapp should be arriving soonest.

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