New Whatsapp Feature Will Give Groups Admins More Control Over Their Groups.

Whatsapp messaging app will have a great feature on it's next update and it's valuable if you own a Whatsapp group. This new feature that has appeared on beta version will be rolled out to everyone maybe by 2018 and it is called ADMIN SUPER POWERS

This feature is similar to that of TELEGRAM app. Recently, Whatsapp brought many valuable features both on beta version and those that has been rolled out to Main app (Group Voice Call, Whatsapp Live location, Delete/Revoke sent messages, Search group members etc). This upcoming feature will prevent others group Administrators from deleting the group creator out of anger. The group creators will find this feature interesting as they will have full control of their group in pan of their hands.

This feature will also allow the main administrator (the group creator) to have control over other Administrators - so it prevents the group creator from been deleted by other Admins.

Here are the options/functions of the upcoming Whatsapp feature (Admin Super Powers feature)

Restriction in Groups
This feature will allow the main admin to disable the chat features in the groups which means group members will only be able to read messages without been able to reply. When the feature is activated, a notification will appear that only Admins can send messages to this group. Group members won't be able to send group text messages, images, videos, documents, voice Messages, GIFs or even starting a new live location.
Note: the settings of this feature will be altered after 72 hours.

Subject Modification
The group creators will also be able to choose who will be able to modify the subject of the group, it's icon and description. When activated, a notification will be shown telling that only admins or all participants can change the group info.

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