How To Delete Whatsapp Sent Message On Your iPhone and Android Device After Delivered.

Have you mistakenly send a wrong message to a wrong person Like a Love Message to your parent or guardian or even regional leader and wishes you could delete or unsent it immediately before the person reads it? - Well Whatsapp was considerate and have introduced new Whatsapp feature that lets users delete messages which have been sent and even delivered from recipient's phone.

This life saving feature is known as

With this new feature, you can now be able to delete wrong sent message on Whatsapp on your iPhone or Android device with just few clicks even if it has been delivered.

Here is how to delete Whatsapp sent message on iPhone or Android phone after delivered.

NOTE: This feature works only if the sender and receiver both have the latest Version of Whatsapp installed. Also applicable in group chats and only work in seven minutes after it was sent. Once it is over seven minutes you will not be able to delete it anymore.

➡ Go to App Store on iPhone or Playstore on Android phone, search for Whatsapp and tap on update if you have not downloaded the latest version of Whatsapp .
➡ Open Whatsapp on your Android or iPhone device.
➡ Go to the chat from which you want to delete.
➡ Tap and hold on the exact message which was wrongly sent.
➡ To delete, tap on delete on the pop-up window that appears on iPhone device. On Android device tap on the trash icon at the top of the screen.
➡ Next, you will be given with three options, tap on the Delete for everyone. That's all.

You have successfully deleted the sent message, images, voice messages, Gifs, locations, contacts, quotes, status replies etc both from your phone and the receiver's phone. The message which you sent will be replaced with THIS MESSAGE WAS DELETED on your phone and receiver's phone.

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