5 Phone's Specs. to Consider Before Buying a New Phone (tips).

Gone are the days when we buy phone depending on their Flagship.
Flagship gives you the nicest and neatest design, built from the most Premium materials but that's not all that guarantee best phone to you/us.
Flagship in Android phone manufacturing companies has become more competitive, some company building their flag cover with glass with steel and copper structure, plastic made of polycarbonate, aluminium alloy, full metal unibody etc - all these are tricks marketing teams used to throw more jargon at us trying to convince us that their product worth more than others.
Nowadays, it's no longer digestible that the best flagship specs always mean the best device. Ever been curious about buying nerve-wrecking phone with your hard earned money? You don't want to make the deadly mistake of buying a low-end phone because of their flagship - Here are the Phone Specs to Consider before making up your mind in buying that phone. These specs are more than Battery and Camera as most of you claimed to. Note: Stop judging phone on their flagship. Some mid-range devices far exceed expectations than the same company's flagship. Flagship due fails and disappoint. Flagship simply means the most important or newly product, service etc that an organization owns or produces.



When it comes to battery capacity, the bigger mAh is normally the best but might out-down/lacks other features.
Also smaller mAh doesn't mean weaker battery life, it all depends on the maker. For example, you all would believes me when I say that GIONEE'S BATTERY LAST LONGER THAN TECNO'S BATTERY of the same mAh because of their well optimized software and energy efficient processor but there are factors that after battery life, so don't even judge battery specs alone. Factors like
⏩ Brightness of the screen light
⏩ Poor network coverage
⏩ Number of running apps
⏩ Hogging/power-sapping apps
⏩ Outdated apps
⏩ Etc
Considering these factors, don't also forget that battery's capacity diminishes over time.



All phone even low-end ones now take decent pictures in good light conditions so we can only compare phone on it's ability to shoot in low blight. 90% of us believed that the more mega pixels the more better pictures but there are factors that guarantee it. APERTURE is the main factor that determines how bright/better pictures after mega pixels (mp). This is the size of the hole between the lens and the sensor and it controls how much light the camera can draw in and it is measured as an f-number (like f/1.8). Those who study physics would believes that the smaller aperture number represents a larger aperture. The largest aperture on phone ever is that of the LG V30 with f-number of 1.6 i.e f/1.6.
To non-guru, to compare phone camera, it's better to look at sample images and decides for yourself - if you can't make use of megapixels and Aperture.



The part of a phone that controls all the other part of the phone. Every phone even the flagship of that company has it's own build of Android which is how well they optimized the operating system. Due to different build of Android, putting the same processor in two different phones will not results in identical performance. We can't guarantee you that high-end processor is better than a mid-range one or low-end one because of the models from the same generation. That's why in Tecno phones, you will see mid-range phone in one particular series like W, L, C, S outperforming high-range/flagship processor in the same series.


Memory: RAM and Storage

RAM in mid-range phone ranges from 1GB - 3GB while in current flagship phone ranges from 4GB - 8GB but there are also no guarantee that 8GB RAM phone will outperform 4GB or 1GB RAM phone if you are not using hogging apps and game. High GB RAM without well optimized Os will be a great problem to any flagship.
RAM has great things to offer to Storage. 1GB RAM will be okay with 8GB internal memory while 6GB RAM will be okay with 64GB internal memory. It is also hard to compare phone performance using RAM and Internal memory (storage), even phones with the same amount of RAM and internal storage will not have the same performance.



This include OLED/LCD, Screen size, Resolution, pixel, multi-touch, refresh rate etc.
The more Hz the more smoother scrolling effect .
OLED is often considered as the best display technology due to it's greater contrast, dynamic range and better power efficiency. The screen is not most considered specs when buying a phone because whatsoever type, size, resolution, pixel, etc the phone is using - it is because the maker/manufacturer seen it as the best to use. Not every phone with the same screen display are made equal.



Memory: RAM and Storage

are the phone specs i thought is the best to consider when buying a new phone.

➡ Nowadays, don't buy phone with less than 3000mAh battery capacity unless you are exposed to steady electricity and if you are ready to charge your phone daily.
Also note: that continuous phone charging leads to unexpected battery diminishing (it kills your battery life).

➡ Lower Aperture number/f-number with high megapixels determines how good phone's camera will be.

➡ Processor: If low-end processor in a particular company's product outperformed the high-end processor, do not buy the high-end phone but do vice versa if it's the mid-range processor that outperformed the high-end processor because i can't guarantee you which one will perform better in other specs.

➡ Normal phone RAM these days ranges from 1GB to 8GB RAM and internal storage ranges from 8GB to 64GB. Take precautions when buying a new phone - do not buy phone featuring 1GB RAM with 32GB internal memory because it tends to crash easily and even 32GB internal memory phone with no SD Card slot might be creaking at the seams after Six months of use.

➡ The screen type, size, resolution, multi-touch, pixel, refresh rate have no positive impact on phone's performance but must be considered before buying a new phone.

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