What is Content Marketing ➕ Types and Benefits of Content Marketing.

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Content marketing is the activity of creating, presenting, advertising and disturbing a content (in any form) to a target audience in the best possible ways.
When you are content marketing, it means that you are attracting and transforming prospects into customers by creating and sharing valuable free content online which can be archived by creating sustainable brand loyalty and providing valuable information to consumers so that the consumers will be willing to purchase products from the company in future. The valuable information will not only attract but when handle correctly will engage your target audience and drive profitable action which will generates leads to your business.
The more unique the article be the more engagements and clicks. The new form of Content Marketing usually does not involve direct sales but instead it builds trust and rapport with the audience.
But Some people do not think that content marketing is a way of interacting and communicating with your customers without selling. Let me make it clear that in these days without building trust and having strong relationship with your target audience, you can't sell anything because they are lot of business companies out there that are willing to serve consumers better. In one of my favorite quotes I quoted that people do not like to be sold, prove yourself (company) trustworthy once and they will trust you forever. So have you seen the need of content marketing!. For content marketing to be carried out there must be a target consumers which you need to convert to your customers.
As a business, you have to be smarter in your marketing efforts and this includes writing content that is not only interesting but relevant and valuable to the market it is targeting and the content that you are about to market should contain the following qualities in order to convert your readers to customers.
➡ It should be targeting a specific market (one audience)
➡ It should be informative, relevant and valuable.
➡ It should be communicable and interesting.
➡ It should be educatable.
➡ It should have a subtle marketing message in order to grabs reader's attention and gets them interested in what you offer.
➡ It should stir emotion and inspirable action within the readers.
➡It should leave your readers wanting more of your article.
➡ It should avoid all sorts of junks.
➡ It should be original article from you (avoid Plagiarism).
➡ It should be unique.
➡ It should avoid any grammatical errors.
Looking at the above features, does your marketing content posses all these features? If yes, you have a good piece of content that you can use to market the products or services that you offer. If No, tweak your content until you can.
For best content marketing, continuous delivery of large amount of content is required.


Content marketing first start in the late 19th century due to the technological advances in transportation and communication. In the olden days, traditional marketers presents their products using offline methods such as news papers, Books like novels, magazines etc but because business owners needs to build connections with their customers and reply to their questions easily began the new method of content marketing (digital marketing).

Almanack ➡ Door-to-door marketing ➡ Newspaper ➡ Magazine ➡ Radio marketing ➡ Television ➡ Inforgraphics ➡ Internet (email, blog, website, e-books, social medias, E-commerce, Affiliate etc)
From 1732 to 1980s, Content marketing is still under traditional method until in the 1990s everything changed for marketers because of the arrival of computers and the internet made websites and blogs flourish which enabled corporations found content marketing opportunities through email, e-commerce adaptations and digital distribution became the foundation of marketing strategy. Internet is the major growth of digital marketing.


Knowing different types of content marketing will help you connect with different customers in any type. Connecting audience addicted to blogs/websites, e-books, Inforgraphics and others will help your business as we all known that not everybody will like to read blog posts or e-books. So here is the types of content marketing.

Blogging is a great type of content marketing and people considered blog posts as the best. Blogging is the activities of putting a records, articles, pictures that gives an account on the activities and opinions shared by the owner (blogger) and also as discussing platform for the readers. For many business companies, blog posts make up the central part of their content marketing.

E-books/PDF (portable document format)
E-books is a type of computer file that can contain words or pictures. It can be read using any system along with any PDF reader. It can also be sent from one computer to another and will look the same on any computer. Business companies due write and market using e-books. Some are free while some are not. E-books is another great type of content marketing.

This type of content marketing allows business companies to pack a ton of information into one image in a way that is visually interesting and easily digestible. An Inforgraphics looks like visual representations (charts and graphics next to the stats). Inforgraphics are great type of content marketing because it is easy to share and go viral and because the backlink to the Inforgraphics is embedded within it.

Video isn't always associated with content Marketing but it should be included because it is one of the best marketing in olden days. It's is dynamic, it is engaging because more people love watching videos than reading texts so it need to be included in content marketing strategy. It is particularly fit tutorials and products content. The Best way to use video to market a product is to upload them to YouTube, coordinate them with blog posts and social networks.

White papers
White papers are reports that gives information-dense content that can offer helps or solutions and datas on a particular topic. They are packed with information, and takes longer time to write and are typically the most expensive than other types of content marketing if you are hiring someone else to write them. White papers are extremely valuable when it comes to selling your business's products or services. White papers have a table of contents, summary and introduction and are arranged into distinct sections, white papers are similar to e-books.

Email are also type of content marketing. Email are electronic messages that are sent to communicate a wide variety of information. Therefore email marketing is the strategy of using that electronic message (e-mail) to promote products, educate customers and generating leads & sells by sending a valuable content to customer's electronic mail online.

Case studies
Case studies are detailed account of the development of a group or company and their schedules over a period of time. Case studies provide both knowledge and actionable information. They establish thought leadership. They are unique and highly sharable. Case studies can be said to be the company's datas that are different from other datas.

⏩ Others type of content marketing includes
➡ Longform content.
➡ Template & checklist download.
➡ News (but not always)
➡ Magazine
➡ Podcasts
➡ Question and answer articles books.
➡ How-to-guides
➡ Social networks.
You can search those networks on Google for more explanations.
Note: All these formats belonged to the digital management group.
Digital content marketing is a management process that uses digital products through different electronic channels listed above to identify, forecast and satisfy the content requirements of a particular audience and it must be consistently updated and added to in order to influence the behavior of customers.


Great and valuable content encourage trust
Customers trust online reviews than personal recommendation for a business, products or services.
Customers will only trust your business, products or services by what they hear and see others reviewing and talking about you and this good reviews can be archived by writing a great and valuable content.

Content Builds Backlinks
Backlinks are an essential component of any SEO campaign and is the main key to rank higher on Google and Alexa. With high quality, relevant links worth their weight in gold. Millions of websites and blogs are out there battling for page rankings. Great links can only be acquired with the help of stellar content. When you create a Great and valuable content, it will determines how many links will be linked to it and how many likes and shares you'll get. No body will ever share a junk article and no topsites and influencers will like to send their hard earned traffic to unless content link. So without Great content you will not have Backlinks.

Higher visibility in search engines
The more you post and share (market) your content, the more Google is going to index thereby exposing you to high visibility in search engines. By having more quality pages indexed can grant you more opportunities to rank for more search queries.

Tighter reader relationships
A greater brand reputation can help with the size and recognition of your audience. When customers begins to rely on you as their primary source of information, imagine the loyalty and trust they will have for you thereby guaranteed them to buy your products. Writing great and valuable content guarantees you a tightier relationship with your customers.

Increased Conversion potential
The main thing customers want to see is articles that are unique, helpful, valuable, informative, communicable, educatable etc, once you taken care of that, you can use any remaining space you have to to pitch one of your products or services. If done “DIPLOMATICALLY”
you can easily increase the number of conversions (call-to-actions) you get.
Remember i said diplomatically (tactfully), be careful not to do or say anything that will annoy or upset customers by turning your content into an advertisement.

More referral and social traffic
When you guest posted to high traffic websites, you have the opportunity to link back to your site thereby increasing referral traffic. A single unique content guest posted could earn you thousands of new visitors to your site.
When you shared your content on your social media accounts and your readers or friends find it interesting them may share it to their readers also their readers may share it again. Your content will be circulating to millions of people thereby increasing social traffic. More referral and social traffic will also help you to rank higher in search engines and can also increase your conversions.

⏩ Others benefits and important of content marketing includes
➡ Content marketing gives compound rates of return.
➡ Higher Domain authority
➡ Content marketing's value is measurable
➡ Universal utility.


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