Data reviews: MTN new data plans - see the changes made.

Mtn the leading telecommunication company in Nigeria has made it difficult for her subscribers.
As we all know that when it comes to ripping off subscribers, Mtn Nigeria always tops the list globally.

Instead of making things easier for subscribers for them to gain more subscribers, they're here making things difficult.
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See the changes made

If you want

The normal 1.5GB data plan, you have to pay an extra ₦200 because it's now ₦1200. It has now been split into 1GB during the day and 500mb during the night (1am - 7am) for ₦1200 an extra ₦200.

Also, weekly 750mb has been split as well 500mb during the day and 250mb during the night (1am - 7am).
Why Mtn Nigeria making things difficult, it's unfair.
Maybe we should move over to Glo or Airtel. What do you think?

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