Customize your Android phone by using these Android tips.

There are so many ways to customize your Android device and maximize it's performance. In addition to changing the look and of the interface, you can also set up your smartphone so that auto-correction never makes you curse, your battery lasts longer, you never go over your data limit and that the right app launches when you need it.
Some features may make your device easier to use and manage.

Here is some ways to make your Android device better. Note: Some of the tips is for Android v6. 0 and later.

Lose the Bloatware

My most nerve-wrecking thing in Android is pre-installed apps constantly getting in your way.
Sometimes, you cannot uninstall these apps without rooting your phone but at least you can disable them.
Go to Settings >> Apps >> All >> Tap on the pre-installed app and click on Disable.

Keep Notifications at Bay

Ever been disturbing with those notifications (calls, text, reminder, alarm, social media notification) at your quiet & privacy time (when you don't want to be disturbed). You can take advantage of the new features in Android v6.0 marshmallow and later to enable notifications blocking.
You can block all notification or enable some important ones like text messages and calls.
You can even set time inwhich you will Enable Do not disturb automatically.

Track data usage

In order to maximize your data usage, you should have to keep an eye on how much data you uses monthly or daily.
You can now track your data usage and set the limit usage monthly or daily.
Settings >> Data usage.

Set default Apps

You might have noticed when you click on a photo or video or even link, you're prompted to choose which app you'd like to use and whether you'd like to use the App Always or Just once.

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If you choosed Always and later changed your mind, you can easily set and clear default apps by going to Settings >> Apps >> Default and you can either clear default apps all once or one by one.

Gain Storage Space

Even if you have a memory card slotted in, your Android device can fill up fast if you download a lot of apps, snap lot of pictures and take a lot of videos. You can free up space quickly by deleting unused apps and by moving older photos and videos to the cloud or your computer.

Try some widgets

Want at-a-glance weather information, quick access to music controls or an overview of your appointments. You can get all these things easily by adding widgets to your Home Screen.
Many apps offer one or more widgets of various sizes that offer top-line information including those for fitness, productivity, message, navigation and more.

Download and Use another Launcher

Ever been bored with the look of your phone menu I.e it's appearances.
You can download another launcher and make use of it without rooting your phone.

Move Your Data to a New Device

Android makes it simple to move your contacts, apps, photos and other datas from one device to another. NFC can be your fastest methods. Be sure to backup your datas too.

Use of Android Device Manager

One of the things you can do to protect your privacy is to use the Android Device manager which enables you to track Your device's location, lock and reset it remotely.

Set up Google Smart lock

Google Smart Lock (Android Smart Lock) lets you personalize your Settings so that your device stays unlocked in certain locations and circumstances. With this when your are spending the day on the couch, your phone won't keep locking everytime it goes sleeping.

Root Your phone*

You can easily root your phone for supper-user access. Make sure to backup all your data first and follow this steps
You can also unroot your phone if you ever change your mind.

Customize your Lock screen

When locking your screen, you can choose what method to use: pattern, pin, password, face recognition, voice etc.
You can also choose whether notifications will appear on screen when locked.

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