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Marketing is the activity of presenting, advertising and selling a Company's products in the best way i.e offline or online but Online Marketing are leaders the whole world these days that's why you need a guidelines in Marketing. Recently I shared 6 tools everyone in the digital marketing industry should be using which i believe you must have read it.
When researching on his to educate yourself on the best practices & trends suitable in today's marketing or that you are a digital marketing writer trying to write an article for marketing purposes - it's important to read a variety of marketing blogs and blog posts to gather the best tips and different perspective to apply to your own campaigns.
The below blogs list will be a great pieces of advices, tips, tricks and more to you and also as mentors with guildlines in order not to make any mistakes.

1# Hubspot

Hubspot are known to be the giants in Marketing Universe and Marketing movement. They has two blogs targeted to a slightly different audience : marketing and sales.
If you want to write an articles for marketing purposes, Hubspot has plenty list of blog topics to read and gather tips which will be a great Valuable content for you. They also have automated tool that can help you with the headline ideas or topic ideas. Hubspot 's blog is a lead generating machine because of their standards inbound Marketing.

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2# Autopilot

If you are in automation product marketing, Autopilot is here for you. They have a clean, organized and responsive blow and they publish article a few days per week. They are building a great marketing automation tool where you can automate the customer journey. Their visual journeys make planning and executing lead nurturing and onboarding a breeze.

3# Buffer

Buffer are experts in social media marketing. Their blog features big, bold images that are easy to share your social networks. Their blog articles examine large companies and people using social networks. With this blog, you can fast market your product To all your social networks at A click and you can also get tips from their blog posts.

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4# Coschedule

Has two different blogs : the regular blog and the product big. Their regular blog duscusses blogging best practices, content marketing and highlights popular companies as CASE STUDIES To follow as examples.
Their product blog showcases important updates and cool things you can do with your product.

5# Mention

Mention's blog features a search bar, their featured images on posts are consistent in design and the categories are easily identified across the top of the blog. Also has two easy categories : Most popular and Start up life.

6# Inside Adwords

Google Adword's official blog offering news, tips and general information on their advertising platform. They do not publish very often but whenever they do assure it being valuable insight.

7# Content marketing Institute

They talk about the most recent news, tips and events as it relates to content marketing. They posts a new article everyday. Their most popular blogs are spilt out between CURRENTHITS and ALL TIME HITS. And they have many experts giving out best tips and analysis.

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8# SEMrush

SEMrush blog has many intelligence experts offering a tool that lets digital marketer research competitive data. Their experts are spilts onto SEM, SEO, PPC and CONTENT MARKETING. They publish quite frequently like twice a Day. The articles provides audience tips and tricks to gain competitive advantages.

9# Get App

It helps reader discover how to choose the right apps for their business and is laid out on a tile format where you can search by category. They has two different blogs : MAIN BLOG and THE LAB.
You can find the Apps suitable for your company's project and for content marketing. The lab focuses on research, analysis and insights to help you make the right software choices for your business. It also offers comprehensive downloadable research reports, trends and access to their GETCAST podcast series full of relevant information on digital marketing customer service, lead generation and more.

10# AppCues

AppCues publishes a new article 1-2 days per week. Their featured images are great because they have the article's tittle overlayed on top of the image. This way when a reader posts or retweets the article, the image is inserted along with the title perfectly.

Have more Marketing Blog? Your suggestion will be highly appreciated. Comment below and share.


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