4 Ways On How To Earn Money To Your Payoneer Account

Payoneer is one of the trending ewallet that allow you to shop online, transfer funds, pay bills and you can also withdraw the money from any Master ATM Machine with your Payoneer Master Card just like PayPal.
I prefer Payoneer to others ewallets though some of them has gained more ground. For Nigeria and other African countries where issuing of PayPal Credit card are disabled, one can always make use of Payoneer. Today I will share with you 4 best ways to make money to your Payoneer account online.

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To get start you need to Open a Payoneer account which is totally free, go to www.payoneer.com/ to register. Make sure to fill in your correct details very carefully. After Payoneer will send you a Master Card which you can use at any online store or ATM terminal. They will also issue out a US Bank account for you to receive payment from companies abroad.
The master card and US Bank account have a different procedures to get it which is very easy as drinking a cup of coffee but am not going to talk more on it maybe on my next post because am talking about how to earn a decent income with your Payoneer account online.

The followings are the ways on which you can earn with your Payoneer account :


Here is 100% legit way to earn a decent income with your Payoneer account online. CPA which stands for COST PER ACTION is Networks that pay you per action you take online. You must not make sales as in Affiliate marketing for you to earn. All you need is to fill a short form by entry either is Email or any relevant details require by the CPA network or watching online videos, downloading apps, clicking Ads, answering Surveys etc. Offered by the CPA network.
CPA networks that pay via Payoneer are:

Try these CPA networks and you will love it.


Are you a blogger or web owner trying to earn through Ads networks that pay via Payoneer. Stop looking further, here are the top paying Ads networks to try. You can withdraw your earnings via Payoneer.

There are a lot of bloggers making cool money from the above Ad networks.

3# Affilitate Marketing

Another legitimate way on which you can earn a decent income with your Payoneer account is by working with Affilitate networks. You make money when you help companies sell their products and get commission on any sale you make.
There are some of the companies that sale digital while some sale physical products.

Help these Affilitate networks sell their products and earn a decent income to your Payoneer account.


Another way to earn a decent money to your Payoneer account is by Referral program. When you shared your referral link to your friends and fans and the person registered for Payoneer using your referral link, Payoneer will pay you $25 when the person received his/her first $100 in the Payoneer account.
Imagine when 100 people signed in a month using your referral link that's $25 x $100 = $2500 which is nearly 1 million naira. So Payoneer referral program is another way on which you can earn money to your Payoneer account.

These are the 4 ways to earn decent income to your Payoneer account.

Do you have another way to earn decent income to your Payoneer account? please share with us through below comment box and I will update this post.

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