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Blogger app and bloggerroid are both developed by Google Inc. And it's for blogging purposes only and for Google bloggers only ( blogspot users ) but some app are greater than others despite the popularity add and besides the ratings it have got on App Store .

Both blogger and bloggerroid are for the same purposes but according to the features they possessed I prefer using bloggerroid app to blogger app.
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Normal blogger app has gain massive head over this bloggerroid because it is officially recommended one. With blogger app you can only write new post, edit them, save posts as Draft, update existing post, share them, only make word bold and italic, create a link. But the above features is not all that a pro blogger want, they need something beyond it. The most annoying thing with this blogger app is that you can't even arrange where you want your images to appear in your post, when you upload any image it will just go at the bottom of the post ( Have anyone noticed about this? )
But with bloggerroid app things are different, you can write your blog post to your taste . So after these highlighted features, you will agree with me that bloggerroid is better than blogger app. Reasons for believed so are :

1# You can easily beautify your blog posts by adding some symbols to make it Bold, Italic, Strikethrough and Superscript unlike the blogger app own that let you only make word Bold and italic.

2# You can easily create a link text

3# You can even create a post using html/javascripts tags which we know that you can't do with blogger app.

4# From your phone menu button, you can add as many images as you want representative of the places you want it to appear. You can also save post to your SD, load existing posts from your SD and blog.

5# You can pause your writing without saving it as draft or to your SD and leave it for weeks without losing any single word.

6# You can also easily add your location.

With these features above, you can believe me that writing a blog post will be lots of fun using bloggerroid app than the blogger app.

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  1. Hey,nice article.i found it hard finding the comment box though. I have a blog too. Mind checking it out? We can reciprocate traffic

    1. Thanks for the comment and sorry for the inconvenience.


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