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Rooting your phone for supper-user access can give you a lot more control over it but it can be dangerous and void your warranty especially when it comes to making repairs.
When you roots your phone, it fixed in one place without changing. And it stores a root directory ( a file contains all others files in a system ) in your system.
Depending on the root system, the problem it will warranty you to will be more than hassle, some will require you to install only rooted app ( app that can be only installed on rooted phone ) and the major problem is that you can't even repair you rooted phone when damaged. But fortunately, you can quickly unroot most devices with a simple clicks.
Via Manually unrooting
1 Open a root file manager on your phone: the best root file manager you can find on playstore are ES file manager, Root browser, X-plore file manager.
2 Tap on the installed file manager and find & press /system/bin/
3 Find and delete the file labeled SU. press and hold the su. file and delete it from pop up menu that appears
4 Press /system/xbin/ and delete the su. file here as well
5 Find and press /system/app/ and delete the superuser.apk file
Two methods to unroot your rooted Android phone - Sesgist
6 Reboot your phone to apply the changes.
Download root checker apk from play store to check your phone's root status.
Via using SuperSu:
1 Launch the superSu app
2 Tap the "Settings" tab

3 Find cleanup section by scrolling down

4 Tap full unroot

5 Read the prompt confirmation and tap continue

6 Reboot your phone once superSu closes.

For most devices, this will auto unroot your phone. Some custom firmware images will automatically re-root the device when booting thereby rendering the process ineffective.
Note: There are many universal unrooting apps available on play store to use if these two methods didn't work.

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