Sesgist - How-to solve Whatsapp your phone date is inaccurate

Ever encountered the phone date is inaccurate problem in Whatsapp even when you known your date and time are accurate.
This error is shown when Whatsapp deems your phone's date as wrong one. As we all known that the facebook owned messaging app ( Whatsapp ) uses your phone date to enhance your internet connection. So when Whatsapp as automated robot deems your date as inaccurate it will not allow you to use Whatsapp. So here is how to solve this error after you finished adjusting yeah date ( after having your date and time accurate and Whatsapp still shows the inaccurate date error ).

•• The common solution to this is to try different Whatsapp version You can archives this by updating your Whatsapp app. It is possible that the error is due to the outdated version.

•• Open your Google Play Store
•• Search Whatsapp, open the page and you will see update and uninstall buttons.
•• Tap on update button and it will download and install the latest version of Whatsapp.

After updating the Whatsapp, it should be able to solve the problem. But if the problem still persist, it's time to try next step.

•• Uninstall and reinstall Whatsapp app again After updating the Whatsapp app and it does not work, uninstall Whatsapp from your mobile phone and install it again.

Go to your Google Play Store
Search for Whatsapp, open the page and this time click on uninstall button and after the uninstallation, install it again.

Don't worry you will not loose any data. After uninstall and reinstall again and the problem was able to be solved. Launch your Whatsapp app and in the process of verifying your Whatsapp will be able to restore your messages, contacts, chats, status, images and videos back. But if you do not want the messages back, you can skip the restore option.

And if the error still persist, it is time to perform system reset ( factory reset ). This will refresh your device memory leaving it like a newly brought phone. After the rest, try to install Whatsapp app by this time It will work perfectly.

Hope these three methods works for you ? If not comment below

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