Sesgist: How to root an Android phone without a PC

If you want to root an Android phone for supper-user access, one need to have a rooting software and a PC. But if you don't have a PC what will you do? It's simple and easy with the help of certain App. We will be using framaroot for this tutorial — Open a web browser on your phone or you can use any third party browser App like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc — Download an app called framaroot : This is my recommended app to use to root your Android phone without PC. Download it at
_ Install framaroot by tapping on the download apk — Open framaroot from your phone home screen to lauch it — Select an exploit to use on your phone or tablet: Framaroot will require you to choose from three kinds of exploit that will root your phone namely ( Sam, deodorant and aragorn ) you can select any working exploit just tap on each to know which one is working. Note: Some exploits will not work on your device depending on the make, model and version of the Android Os it's running on — After choosing a working exploit, a message will appear notifying you that the exploit is successful and supper-user settings have been installed on your device which means that you have rooted your phone or tablet. — Restart your device to apply there updates      To check if your rooting was successful, download and install root checker apk from Google Play Store. After successfully rooted, tap on the root checker app and tap on verify root button to check whether your phone is rooted or not. If you used framaroot correctly, a prompt message should be displayed on the screen telling you that your device is rooted. We are eager to see your comments