Sesgist — Facebook introduces a new video service

Social media giant facebook has made a move into dedicated video, putting it against YouTube and TV networks. Users will soon see a new watch Tab providing range of shows, watch will be personalised so that users can discover new show based on what their friends are watching. Viewers will be able to see comments and connect with friends and dedicated group shows.

Mark Zuckerberg in a facebook post said watching doesn't have to be passive. Video has been available on facebook for some time, but watching until now, has mostly been dominated by amateur clips or short segments from users.
Watch could open up new revenue potential for both facebook and programme markers,  while users can expect to see targeted advertising before and during the shows.

<mark>CROWDED MARKET</mark>
Facebook is entering an increasingly complex and crowded market and will face competition from traditional TV networks as well as other online services like YouTube and Netflix.
Disney yesterday announced that from 2019, it will scrap it's existing deal with Netflix and create its own direct-to-consumer steaming video services.
It will also set up a sports themed ESPN streaming services next year. Facebook in other hands has content line up including major league baseball, women's basketball, parenting show and a safari show from National Geographic. It has also linked deals with millennial oriented media groups Vox media, Buzzfeed, ATTN, Group Nine media and others to produce shows said by <mark>Reuters News agency</mark>
Show watching will be limited release in the US before it will be rolled out more broadly.

<mark>Analysis by Leo Kelion, technology desk editor</mark>
Facebook says it hopes its selection of shows will address both niche and broad interests. If the choice at launch is anything to go by, it's focus will be factual entertainment-cookery, fitness and travel-themed programmes that play well on a smartphone screen, rather than flagship dramas like House of cards or Game of thrones, which are both more expensive to produce and better suited for playback on Tvs.
Product director Daniel danker an ex BBC iplayer executive told me that his goal was for anyone to be able to make shows for watch. For now, only a small set of approved publishers can include ads break, but he said the list would broaden overtime, although it was too soon to say if it would extend to all. For now, Google's video streaming site still offers an easier way for popular Vloggers and others outside the mainstream media industry to make money from their efforts. But Mr. Danker signalled that facebook is willing to take it's time exploring what works on watch and would not even commit to it being rolled out beyond the US before the end of the year.

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