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Password are series of letters or numbers that you must type into a computer on site in order to be able to use it.

The reason why you need to create password for some of the website you want to use is because it's what you have to use to be allowed into the place.

<mark>Reasons you should not share your passwords to anyone</mark>
When shared
It threaten your safety

Allows you to get scammed

Infects your mobile with virus
Control your phone activities

Read your social media accounts

          Always keep your passwords safe because it help to protect your private information and email or social account.

<mark>Valuable tips</mark>

A strong and secured password should have letters, numbers and symbols both upper case and lowercase.

Don't uses bad/weak passwords like your name, your date of birth or something like 12345 because it's easy for someone to guess these and hacks into your account

Don't use the same password for all your account

Change your passwords every few months

Don't click on the remember this password while registering on a site

A strong password that nobody can guess is something like 123sua"6sT or Q546zTUatA

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