Mtn is giving free 750mb and 120mins of calls bonus - Sesgist

Hello ,do you know Mtn is giving free data and free call .
mtn is celebrating their prestige anniversary ,so this offer is for mtn customers of 0803 and 0806 .
If you re not using the old numbers, you can still try your luck .
Mtn is giving free 750mb and 120 minutes of calls.
The 750 data can be used on any device and the free 120 minutes can be used to call all networks in Nigeria .
How to get mtn free mtn data and free call loyalty bonus
Your mtn number 0806/0803
Dial *559*52#.
You will receive a message like this!
Hello for being loyal to mtn,you have been rewarded with 120 minutes to call all networks and 750mb.valid for 7 days .dial *559*52# to check by our balance.

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