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Google android operating system is ruling the roosts nowadays. It has became the most popular Os for mobile device like smartphones and tablet computers. In this operating system, a lot of apps can be installed and run at a time. It's only some apps that will stop running when you press back button, others app will just go into the background and keep on running until you manually stop or close it.
Some apps keeps on running as far as your phone is on even on flight mode. Such apps like keyboard ( TouchPal, swiftkey, kika etc), Googling services, media, settings, facebook, system UI etc. These running apps will occupy alot of memory on your device and if you do not have enough free memory left, these background apps must slow down your mobile phone thereby freezing your phone. Here is how to close the running apps.

Please note that because different manufacturers modify Android to give it their own signature touch, your phone screen may look slightly different.

*Step 1 Go to your phone settings
Step 2 Tap on apps then you will see a lot of series of tab which displays app according to different category like Download, SD card, Running and All.
Step 3 Scroll left or right depending on your phone model until you are on the category labeled as Running apps. Here you will see entire lists of apps that are currently running and you will be able to see the amount of memory each apps is occupying. You can tap on any app to get the option of stopping or closing it.
Note that the running service was started by it's app, Stopping it may cause the app to fail and stops running.**
Remember that it's important to stop unnecessary apps from running in the background in order to keep memory of your Android device from getting cluttered.

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