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You can end a call fast with the power button on an Android phone. It is easier to own physical, laborious and tactile button to disconnect the call. Some people wise to have a physical hard button to end a call. Some people with phone cover/pack or flap cover have to remove the cover and then touch on the end call button to end call which is a bit hard/difficult to do on some situation like when driving. Fortunately, Google was considerate, Android comes with a feature that allows you to end a call by pressing the power button. A large number of people are still unaware of this facility.

Here is how to set this great feature.
Note that depending on your phone model, the exact labeling of this option may differ.

> Firstly, Go to your phone settings by tapping on the app or by swiping down the notification bar at the top edge of the mobile screen.

> Scroll down until you get the option labeled accessibility, tap on it.

> You will find an option labeled like power button ends call or end calls by pressing the power key, it differs depending on the phone model. Tick this checkbox option and you are done.

Just press the power button to end a call, don't hold the power button for long because it may shut down your phone.

Why I prefer using this option to ends call:

You can disconnect a call without looking at the screen.
No need of removing the flap cover to end calls so no hassle.
You can easily end a call while driving or still holding the handset to your ear.

Do you prefer this method?

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