How to download, install and use whatsapp in desktop

It's quite easy as drinking a cup of coffee to download and install whatsapp desktop app for desktop computer or laptop powered with windows and mac system.
But some people still finds it difficult to download and install whatsapp in desktop client. Will i say that there are they are desktop/laptop newbies. I was at my friends' house the other day and he said he has been struggling for the past two hours on how to install whatsapp app on his laptop ( window 10 ). And i known that some of us still finds it difficult to download and install whatsapp in their desktop client which shouldn't be so.

     Here is how you can download, install and use whatsapp in your desktop client.

>>> Firstly navigate to and download the app file for your window or Mac system

>>> Once the file is downloaded i.e the exe file. ( Note that exe file is file format for windows or mac system like Apk is for Android files ) Install the file . It may take sometime to complete the installation of the required supporting files and may ask you to restart your window computer or laptop

>>> After complete installation,  open whatsapp desktop app and it will first ask you to scan QR code

>>> Open whatsapp on your mobile phone and from settings navigate to whatsapp web ( QR Code ) and scan

>>> After that you can now access your whatsapp using your desktop client.

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