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Every smartphone user wants their privacy covered. There are some photos and videos which are sharable with friends while others are to keep secret. A lot of people wants to password protect and hide some of the photos and videos on their mobile phone. Some people use several app lockers which makes it easier to put only-for-their-eyes material in a secret gallery.

There is a different kind of app lockout there in app stores but KEEPSAFE VAULT is an alternative to them. Once KEEPSAFE vault installed, it opens only when you've entered four digit pin number settled up at the time of installation. You can add photos and videos to this vault under as many folders as you like.

 There is no storage limit and you can always take photos and videos out of this vault. You can also share photos right from inside the photo locker. KEEPSAFE does not change original location of your photos/videos, it only hides them in the secret gallery that when you take photos/videos out of the vault, they are restored to a similar location wherever they were before you place them into the vault.

This app has a couple of very clever features apart from the hide/unhide feature. Here are some of them

Recent apps
When you use KEEPSAFE vault, it auto remove itself from the list of recently opened apps. An intruder will not know if you have been using KEEPSAFE recently.

Send safe
When you share photos from your secret vault to someone for viewing you can set for how long the shared photos will remain on the person's mobile. In the time gets over, the photo will self-destruct ( it will auto delete itself )

Fake pin
This app allows you to enter a second pin number. The second pin opens a fake photo gallery. You can use this pin if you are on a situation where you have to open the KEEPSAFE vault under pressure or observation. You can set a fake pin and then add some of your photos and videos that are harmless to the fake vault.

(Download it on play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kii.safe&utm_source=www.apk4fun.com)

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