Bravo: See three things Nokia 8 can do that your infinix or tecno phone can not do ( No.1 is unbelievable )

Thanks to Nokia new boss, HMD, who have been working tirelessly to make a come back into the market and most importantly to win the hearts of consumers.

You know earlier, they launched a remake of the iconic Nokia 3310 and still on the pursuit to reclaim their lost glory, they’ve launched some set of Android phones. (Talking about the Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6 and now…. The Nokia 8
Tecno and infinix users no need to argue, new Nokia 8 have proved that then are still the boss with these awesome features that no company have ever do in history.

1. You Can Take Picture With The Front And Back Camera At The Same Time
The new Nokia 8 is the first mobile phone in history to feature this technology (Dual-Sight mode, front and back mode)
The dual-sight mode is a new version of selfie which allows you use both front and back cameras at the same time (simultaneously). While using this feature to cover videos or take photos, your phone screen splits into 2.
With this, you can share both sides of a story. Bravo!

2. Produce Quality Video And Sounds Like The Ones In American Movies
The Nokia 8 which has been designed to produce 4k videos also come with Ozo Spatial 360° audio (a technology used by Hollywood filmmakers and music producers).
For sure, this will put Hollywood technology in the palm of your hand.
when you take a videos on occasions, you will not worry about those choking background sounds.

3. High Quality Sounds From Its Out-Of-The Box Bluetooth Earphones
The Nokia 8 comes with the Nokia Active Wireless Earphones. Though Nokia didn’t take out the ear phone jack like Apple did in the iPhone 7, they’ve gone a step into keeping our technological life less wired with a Bluetooth headset which comes along with the phone.
So need to carry wires every where you go because they made wireless headphone which come around with the phone which neither tecno nor infinix have ever do.

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