8 Top Tips to Protect your Mobile Phone From Virus | sesgist

On this Computer age, every youth even teenagers uses smartphone or mobile device all day. Considering the significant roles of mobile device in everyday life. No one will want theirs to be infected and damaged by any virus.

What is Virus: Significant meaning
A virus is just an instruction that are hidden within a computer program and are designed/coded to cause faults or destroy data.

Ways by which your phone may be infects by virus:
There are many ways your phone may contact viruses and these viruses are carried around by stone hearted enemies who wants to wicked you. Virus are spread out through these ways

•• Through Wi-Fi:
When your Wi-Fi is on during transferring of files through Xender/Flashshare or during during hot-spot or Wi-Fi connection at free Wi-Fi connection gathering like your school Wi-Fi that you use freely.
Through these, your enemies ( hacker guru)  may infects your phone easily and secured. You might be wondering how a person can send virus through Wi-Fi. Don't worry in my next post about Wi-Fi i will tutor you on that.

•• Through installation of apps from unknown source:
This one is the simplest and easiest way. That's why it is risky to install apps out of App Store.

•• By viral email
This means a virus that is sent on from one person to others, who then send it on again. They archived this by sending SMS or mail to you that when you click on it infects your phone or by sharing it on social medias.

What happens when your phone is infected by virus
It's nerve-wrecking when virus infects your phone because it will wipe off all your data. It also threatens your safety because it might steal your private information like your passwords and bank details.

Top valuable tips

•• Be discerning in downloading apps and files
Avoid third-party websites, only those from App Store like Google Playstore are reliable to download from because it is virus free.

•• Anti-virus software can be a little help
Some people uses some anti-virus app but the free ones I mean non-premium ones can serve but a little. If you want any anti-virus software to protect your phone from virus, you have to go for premium subscription.

•• Data stored on your phone must have a code
Utilize the built-in data encryption in your mobile for best protection of your data.

•• Make no connection to wireless and unsecured networks
Some networks like Flashshare, Bluetooth and Xender need no password to access them. Anyone can connect their device and join thereby making it easier for someone to infect you device with viruses without you knowing about it.

•• Stay away from suspicious websites
Do you know that surfing unsecured websites like http website is dangerous. Some HTTP without the S which means secured might plant viruses to your phone. This results in unwanted emails and SMS that you get telling you to do this or that. They are fraudsters from unsecured websites that infects your device and gathers some of your private informations.

•• Utilize screen security for protection
Screen security such as Pin, Voice lock/unlock, Pattern, password, face lock/unlock etc depending on phone's type plays a great role in protecting your phone from some virus implant by your friends because the screen security code must be entered each time you want to access your device. Do not use SIM card lock option because it might results in getting your SIM card blocked by your mobile operators when entered incorrectly for some time.

•• Untick allow installation of apps from unknown sources from your phone's settings
This is also a great way in protecting your phone because any app that is unknown to Google Play services won't be install.

•• Tick verify apps
This disallow or warm you from installing any apps that will cause harm to your device.