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Today am going to share with you the best blogging apk apps essential for every blogger. You can use these apps for making posts, editing posts, read and reply comments, sharing of posts, reviewing your seo reports, monitoring of your site analytics etc which makes blogging life much easier than ever. As we known that smartphone are taking massive head than personal computer (pc) because of it's easy to handle and carry around, reliable, portable and fashionable. So i just made the best essential apps to maximum benefits from blogging. You can complete your daily tasks and schedules in easier way with these Android blogging apps.

1# Blogger:

Blogger is a great blogging app in my list of best Android apps 2017 for Google bloggers ( blogspot users). You can create a post, edit and update an existing posts, view list of published and drafted posts etc.  

2# Wordpress:

Wordpress is the best app for wap-admin users ( Wordpress ). It helps you to write, edit and publish posts, monitor your site's role and analytics and your visitors usage, Read and reply comments, follow your favorites sites and read, like and comment on their site through this app. You can even post with html Code, Change your theme and also you can customize your site. All these features in one app making it more like a web browser. 

3# Trumblr:

 Trumblr is a great app for bloggers and webmasters. It works as a social media and blogging platform and at the same time as a website. You can access new post, draft posts, edit, share images, gifts, videos, musics, links and texts easily with this app. 

4# Google Analytics:

 It is the best app to bloggers when it comes to monitoring your website statics and performance. Every blogger both newbies and pro never neglect the work of Google Analytics. It's developed by google Inc. Monitor your site visitors, pageviews, unique users, returning user, bounce rate, visitor's landing page, session, exist page, most search results and even more. 

5# Twitter: Twitter is one of the best social app to boost your page rank. You can tweet your posts, reply and retweet post.  

6# Writer:

 A blogger that does not use this app is missing a great thing. It is one of the best app you can use to create a post, novels and even stories. This app is easy and fast responsive to use.  

7# Blogpost:

 Another great blogging app for Wordpress, blogspot and livejournal bloggers. Also a great sharing platform. You can also embed your videos and images from YouTube, picasa, flickers etc.  

8# gAnalytics:

 This is similar to Google Analytics tool and both performs the same functions. The free version contains Ads, so if you can not cope with it you better use Google Analytics.  

9# Bloggeroid:

 this is a great and responsive app for Google blogger only. I preferred this app to normal blogger app. You can easily make word Bold, italic, strikethrough and Superscript, upload many pictures at the same time. You can even publish using html/javascript.   

10# TouchPal:

 TouchPal keyboard is a keyboard app that every blogger must have, it makes it easier to write with three suggestions floats at the top while typing. With auto-correction feature, colourful layouts and support up to 50 languages.  

11 Feedly:

 RSS feed Reader app. when you subscribe to any website by their RSS feed, you can easily read their post.  

12# Buffer App:

 when it comes to sharing, buffer App is the best to go. you can share to facebook, twitter, Googe+ and LinkedIn at a click. Although there are many sharing app such as hootsuite and socialpilot but i still recommend buffer app. 

13# Facebook page manager:

 If you have a facebook page where you share your blog posts. Here is the app to manage your facebook page, reply to fan messages, update status, boost post with facebook ads promotion and handle your page and post insight.  

14# Pingdom:

 Helps you monitor your site's uptime and downtime. You can monitor when your blog was outage and you can resolve the outage by improving root causes.  

15# Flipboard:

 This is also a great application for bloggers, it keeps you intouch with latest stories, news, videos and images around the world.  

16# Google Drive:

 It is developed by google Inc., you can upload data file such as PDF&office documents, music files, images and videos etc. Google Drive allows you to upload up-to 15GB data in one google account. You can share uploaded files publicly anywhere on the web.   

17# Dictionary.com:

 Another best blogging app in dictionary category. It has more than 2,000000 definition and synonyms from dictionary and thesaurus.com. it also has audio pronunciation, word origin, idioms and phrases, word history, voice search, favorite words, abbreviations and much more features is also there.  

18# Photo Editor:

 You can edit your photos, crop, draw over image, easy rotation, resizing, adjust color, effects and many more.   

Do you have more blogging apps? do share with us using comment box.


  1. Really great resource. I would also suggest DrumUp https://drumup.io/ . Curation, management, scheduling, suggestions - it features it all and so much more!


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