10 keyboard shortcut you probably don't know - Sesgist

We have become so addicted to the mouse while using our system that we do not realize some shortcut to maximum the workflow of our work. The keyboard is far more powerful than we know. There are some shortcut that can help you save time and make you more productive. These keyboard shortcut are specific to windows system. 1# High contrast: SHIFT + ALT + PRINT Use this shortcut if you want to enlarge the font on all open windows and change colors to high contrast. To revert the change, click on the same key combination again. 2# Delete without confirmation: SHIFT + DEL Want to delete something without the system popping the confirmation box. It will be like **Are you sure you want to permanently delete this file** so if you want to delete a file without being harassed for a confirmation. Use this shortcut. But before you have to set it your default settings > Right click on the Recycle bin on your desktop > select properties and remove the check mark next to display delete confirmation dialog. 3# Rotate screen: CTRL + ALT +UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT ARROW This won't work on every computer depending on the graphics card and video drivers. But if it works you can rotate the screen by this shortcut. To change this permanent through display settings. head to the settings app ( press windows key + I ) and go to system > display. Here you can change the orientation from landscape to protrait or flipped. 4# Switch between open windows : ALT + TAB 5# Show desktop / restore open windows: WINDOWS KET + D Rather than moving your mouse into the bottom right corner of your screen to access your desktop, press this shortcut. 6# Shutdown: WINDOWS KEY + X, U, I/U/R/H/S To shutdown your desktop use this shortcut. Start with windows key + x to open quick access menu, followed by U key to expand the shut down options, press I to sign out, U to shutdown, R to restart, H to hibernate and finally S to sleep. 7#

Excel:CTRL + W to close a spreadsheet, CTRL + O to open a spreadsheet.

8# MS WORD Save as: ALT, F, A Close active windows CTRL + W Format all letters as capitals: CTRL + SHIFT +A Insert Table of contents: ALT, S, T, L Full screen mode: ALT, W, F 9# POWERPOINT Change font size for selected text: ALT + H, F, S Insert a picture: ALT + N, P Insert a shape: ALT + H, S, H 10# UNIVERSAL KEYBOARD SHORTCUT Undo and Redo: CTRL +Z and CTRL + Y Close current window: ALT + F4 Zoom: CTRL + mouse wheel Open a new window: CTRL + N