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The lament of millions of smartphone users all around the world is why does my phone freeze up. Mobile phones have become smartphones nowadays and these devices run on complex software like Android, iOS, windows etc.
Phone hanging or phone freezing up refers to a state where you phone refused to respond to the commands given by the user. And the most annoying thing is when your phone freeze at a possible time. When hanged, you can not use it to do anything and it's nerve-wracking.
But there are many ways to unfreeze your frozen phone. Some possible way are as below

1# Keep all app updated
What happens when you are still using an outdated version of the app? Mobile App developers are wise and keep improving the performance of their app. They might improve their app to use lesser memory and C P U power. So it is highly recommended that you regularly check when an update is available.

2# Reduce the number of running apps
Each mobile phone has its own limited amount of RAM ( random access memory ) and a processing unit. Some phone may process up to 200 apps while some can't even take up to 70 depending on it's RAM. So what happens when you overburden the phone beyond its capacity. There are numbers of apps that run in the background. Free up the clogged memory by uninstalling the apps that you don't need at the time.

3# Switch off and remove the battery
Removing the battery of battery removable phone will clean the dust from the electric touch points. This will not solve the fault but will stop it for a while.

4# Shutdown your mobile phone
Shutting down your phone when this issue comes up is also a good idea because it will refresh the memory of the phone.

5# Move apps from internal to external memory
Some apps are installed in the internal which is phone memory thereby clouding the RAM. So you can move your already installed app from phone memory to your SD card.

6# Delete unnecessary data
Too much of data that you stored in your phone memory are bad and if you always stored images and videos, music and files in your phone memory, you are choking up the internal space and that could cause hanging off your phone.

7# Delete apps that are causing your phone to freeze
If your phone freezes when you run a certain app. Delete the exact app because there's a good chance that the app is causing the freezing in your device.

8# Perform a factory reset
Factory reset may fix your problem. All of your data present in the phone will be deleted so refreshing the memory of the system. So before using this option, please be sure to do a backup of all your data.

9# Install antivirus software
If your phone plays host to any virus. It might cause your phone to freeze. So obviously you need antivirus software to take up your phone to any virus.

10# *Identify resources hogging apps**
Some apps use much more Memory than others. Some apps and games are among top memory guzzling apps. See which app uses much memory. Navigate to your phone settings > apps > running apps.
You will be surprised that some apps occupied up to 650mb memory space while some use lesser memory like 25mb. To solve this always try lite version of any app you use like facebook app uses up to 200mb when running simultaneously for two months while the lite version ( facebook lite ) might not even reach up to 20 MB for that first two months.

After trying all these tips and it still hangs, please contact any pro phone fixer near you.

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