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Whatsapp is now bringing its new features which will make it's messaging app more responsive.
This new feature is yet to be clear to us because it has been rumored around. These features that are about to list are still in BETA VERSION and there is no guarantee that it will make it to the main app but we hope it does.

1. Notify your contacts before changing your mobile number linked to your account: facebook own messaging app are believed to be testing a new change in number feature in the latest beta version for the app. This feature allows users to notify their contacts about the upcoming change in phone number. Users can choose whether to notify all their contacts or to those they have active conversations with.
this picture was shared on Twitter by WhatsApp product director @WABetainfo

2. One of the features which are known as WhatsApp pin to the top will allow users to place three of their favorite chats in the top of their chat list. This features' testing is currently ongoing. Once you select the pin option, the chat will appear on top of your chats which makes it more accessible. But only three chats users can pin and if you ever change your mind, you can also be able to unpin them.
the feature will look like this one.

3. Track your friends' location in real-time: this also a new feature WhatsApp appears to be working on, it allows users to track their contact in real-time. As it's currently known, it has been spotted in the beta version of the messaging app both on Android ( version 2.16.399) and iOS ( version 2.17.328). With this feature, the user will be able to make their current location visible to members of a group chat, allowing them to find each other more easily during meet-ups.

4. Edit and recall sent a message: this feature will allow users to edit and even recall sent a message in order to avoid unnecessary embarrassment but it would only work on a message that hadn't yet been read.

Which particular feature do you want most? Use the comment box to show your opinion.

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