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The most trending topics on social forums is all about affiliate programs that pays per click.
So today am showing you the top affiliate programs that pays per click.

AFFILIATE PROGRAM is a great and best way majority of bloggers and webmasters monetize their blog/website, some affiliate programs pays per purchase you made, some pays per click while someone like Ajiboye pays for both.
In blogger world, it's easier for your site's visitors to click on those ads Than to purchase it online. In my next affiliate post i highlight you which affiliate program earn more money.

These affiliate websites will pay you for each visitor you referred through your pay per click affiliate link just like GOOGLE ADWORD. Some of these affiliate websites pay you commission for sales in addition of the ppc payout.

Pay per click affiliate program: meaning
Pay per click is similar to GOOGLE ADWORD where you earn by sending visitors to your client website/blog.

list of ppc affiliate programs
Here are the lists of top paid affiliate programs that pays per click without the visitor purchasing anything.

1. ENTIREWEB pays you as high as $0.20 for each visitor you referred to their website for free search engine subsmission service.

2. AJIBOYE: is all selling professional web agency and solutions and pays around $0.10 per click with commission for sales.

3. POINTS2SHOP this one needs additional efforts because the visitors have to sign up for free before you will earn and pays about $1.50 for each signed up.

4. PERINSTALLCASH Get paid everytime a visitor from your website install something like facebook chat messenger, gotclip downloader, wallpaper manager etc. Also pays 10% commission when a visitor you referred signed as their affiliate marketer.

5. LINKBUCK pays you for linking to any site or page that you want. When you signed up, a new paying link will be point to the same page and you will have an ad type of your choice. For each click you earn money.

Do not abuse those opportunities by sending bad traffic and invalid clicks. We don't advice you to cheat on your affiliate networks because you only earn when clicked without them purchasing anything.
Do not engage in
•• Autoclicks.
•• Traffic exchange websites
•• Do not convinced your friends to click on it without having any positive intentions just to earn you money
•• Do not engage in random link clicking groups.
Don't be greedy, blog with passion and you will make it in blogging.

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If you have any other ppc affiliate programs that I didn't include in this post, simply update us through comment box.