How to create and add facebook page plugin in your blogger blog.

Facebook like box is a plugin that allow your site's visitors to subscribe to your blog update via their facebook account.
Once they subscribe by clicking on the like button, they will be notified on their facebook account when you generate any post on your blog/website. Click on the link to read more about facebook like box

facebook page plugin

But before you create facebook like box, make sure you have facebook page. If not get one.

Now you have your facebook page, go to any web browser and copy your page's URL.
Here are the steps you follow to get your facebook live box (like box)

Head straight to facebook developer tool ( is a tool used in generating facebook like box ) click on the link

facebook page plugin

then fill the necessary information to your taste like
Tabs: if you don't want to include your timeline in the plugin then remove it in the Tabs option. You can also choose other tabs like Message, Events, products etc.
Width: the minimum is 180 pixels and maximum is 500 pixels
Height: minimum is 70 pixels

You can also choose to use small header, adapt to plugin container width, hide cover photo, show friend's faces.
After you have been satisfied with the look, click on the GET CODE BUTTON

Next you will be given two code options javascript SDK and iframe choose any one they both works perfectly and copy the code you will still need it but am using iframe for this tutorial.
Now have gotten your facebook like box code, let's see how you can embed it in your blogger blog.

Go to

and log into your blogger account

Click on Layout

Click on the add gadget link in your sidebar or footer.

Next select HTML/JAVASCRIPT gadget

Paste the iframe or javascript sdk code in the empty box and click save button and you are done.

Still not clear to you? , do you need more help? Comment below