Anonytun VPN: Glo 0.0k free browsing cheat via anonytun vpn July 2017.

I at sesgist have not try this cheat personally to know whether it's working or not but I made many researches and found out that it's working real hard.

Below are the results I found out to be working

>> firstly go to your phone settings
>> click on the more options
>> Tap on network
>> Select access point names (APNs) and reset as below

Name: Sesgist
Apn: X_ultra®
Apn type: Default and leave others blank

Or this setting

Name: anything you like
Apn: Glosecure
Apn type: Default, Supl
Proxy: blank
Port: blank
Username: secure
Password: secure

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>> Then click save
>> Download anonytun vpn via playstore here
>> launch and open the application
>> click on stealth settings

>> turn on stealth tunnel
>> Change connection protocol to HTTP
>> Change the connection port to 80 or 1400

>> Turn on custom TCP/HTTP header

>> click on edit custom TCP/HTTP header and then set as below

Request method: post
Injection method: normal
Tick user-agent and leave other boxes untick
Click on Generate and save

>> then go back and connect
you can also disconnect it when you are done

Disclaimer: note that sesgist are not the owner of the above picture, it's screenshot I took from Google playstore.

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