Facebook to launch a new app for video creators hits the internet on 23rd of June during its annual online video conference *VIDCON*.

They have said that it will be launching a standalone app for its Facebook live functionality in the coming months, they didn't mention the exact month.

Facebook's product director *Daniel Danker* said that the app will not only give users access to Facebook live but will also come with these features

*Live creative Kit*

This will allow creators to add introductions, Outros, Custom stickers and frames in their broadcasts.

The app will later arrive this year, like back in March this year when Facebook expanded it's live video features beyond smartphones and brought it to desktops. Allowing the user to click on *live video* option from the top of their news feed after they add a description and choose the target audience.

When going live, PC users can now use streaming software or external hardware. Besides users can share their screen, insert graphics, switch cameras and use professional types of equipment for live videos as well. The option to broadcast to their Facebook Groups, Events and the pages them run and follow is also there.

Gamers can also stream PC gameplay to friends.

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