12 Most hidden whatsapp features you don't know 2017

WHATSAPP the message administration that made BBM look boring Although there are now heaps of messaging service around WhatsApp has had a massive head start on almost all of them.
As you all have known some of WhatsApp's features can get you in a lot of trouble, some features like Bluetick, Last seen, Delivered time and Read time making it easier for your friends to spy and mark you. But don't worry after reading this post you will get your privacy covered.
Here is the list of the tricks to make your day going...

1. Hide the blue ticks
Those blue tick can get you in a lot of trouble especially when you don't reply back and the person sees you have read their message and ignored him/her. You can turn it off but you won't get read receipts for your own messages either.

2. Find who you talk to most
This feature is only available for the IOS user. That's the way to find the people you send the most message to.
IOS: setting > Data > storage usage > select contact.

3. Add dates to your calendar automatically
It's how to automatically create an event directly from WhatsApp on IOS
IOS: Press and hold date within chat > create event.

4. Turn words Bold, Italic or strikethrough
You might be surprised when you see your friends in a group chat emphasizing their words in a Shouty manner like leaving it in Bold, italic or strikethrough. Don't worry you can also do it.
IOS and Android: Add an underscore either side of the word or phrase for italic (_italic_) e.g sesgist. Add an asterisk either side of the word or phrase for bold (*bold*) e.g sesgist and add a tilde to either side of the word or phrase for strikethrough (~strikethrough~) e.g sesgist.

5. Last seen
Now your mother will not be able to spy on you to know when you're online or not but you won't be able to see other people's last seen.
IOS and Android: Setting > account > privacy > last seen > nobody

6. Mark chats as unread
Ever been out and about, read a message and completely forgot to reply? There is a way to mark important chats with a dot and then go back to a reply later.
IOS: chats > swipe left to right > mark as unread
Android: long press chat > open menu > mark as unread

7. Save your data allowance
If you ever got a small amount of data and you don't want to exhaust it through media Auto download, you can control which media to be download
IOS and Android: setting > data usage

8. Hide your profile picture
You can control who sees your profile picture i.e everyone, no one, and only my contacts
IOS and Android: Settings > account > privacy > profile picture

9. Get shortcuts to specify the conversation
This will add a specified conversation on your phone home screen for easier access
Android: chats > press and hold specific chat > menu > add chat shortcut.

10. Send a public message privately
You can send a broadcast message to a list of your contacts, it's great in saving time.
IOS: chats > broadcast list > New list > add contacts
Android: chats > menu > New broadcast

11. Find out how long you've been ignored
If you want to torture yourself and find the exact time a friend reads your message.
IOS and Android: chats > specific chat > specific message > swipe left to right.
Android: chats > specific chat > specific message > press and hold > tap the info (i) icon at the right top.

12. Customize notifications
You can change notification of certain contact so you can differentiate particular contact messaging or WhatsApp calling you.
IOS and Android: chats > specific chat > tap on contact name at top > custom notification.

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