Google: Private medical reports will cease to be indexed in search results - SESGIST

A report from Bloomberg,  Google has started removing personal medical records from its search results.  A new line in Google updated policy page that just added to reflect the change reads that personal medical records of some people's private life will no longer appear in search results.

Google has not made any public comment concerning its policy change,  which is a change of pace from the company's generally hands-off approach to policy content.

        Google recently removed any content that violates their copyright law such as web pages that disclose any financial information (credit card information).

Google has reasons in doing so like a pathology lab in India inadvertently uploaded the records of over 43,000 patients that is the names and HIV test results which violates some people's views.

In 2015,  Google took a stance against revenge porn content, they removed such results from search results because it might have been posted without consent.
So let this Google changes in their policy not come to you as a big surprise.

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