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Tuesday, December 12

According to a post from @wabetainfo, Whatsapp set to roll out PiP mode and private replies in it's next update. This update will allow you to reply to a group message privately and use the PiP (pictures in picture) mode via whatsapp web/desktop version. Unfortunately this mode is only available for Android Oreo devices (for the mobile version). Hopefully, soonest (first-quarter) in 2018, users of the web version will login to see this new feature, as of now it is still in beta version (undergoing development). The rate at which whatsapp are rolling out features from update to update are really impressive, maybe they want it to look more than a messaging app. Here are the features which has been rolled out and the ones coming soon - Whatsapp's YouTube integration, Whatsapp's Admin super powers, Whatsapp's live location, Whatsapp's Delete for everyone, Whatsapp's search group members and more.

Here are the features expected in upcoming whatsapp web

Picture in Picture feature (PiP mode)
This new feature when rolled out will allow users to watch sent and received videos in a new separated window and a new icon will be available when you're watching the video. When the user selects this option, the picture in picture will be started with the selected video, presenting a new window with a very nice UI.

Private Replies
This feature also when rolled out will allow users to reply to group messages privately. There will be a new option called “Reply privately” when selected, whatsapp will automatically open the chat with the contact to send a message. The sent message will quote that group message.

What's your reactions to this?, why is it only available for Android Oreo devices for mobile version? Drop your comments below and also share with your friends.

Monday, December 11

Hello friends, I known that most of you has started enjoying this blazing endless YouTube videos streaming/downloading using Glo network but if you haven't, i am here to put you through.
Globacom has joined 9mobile and Airtel in offering free YouTube streaming and the good thing here is that it is for both Old and New subscribers. And can enjoy this awoof on every internet data bundles from ₦500 and above. It also usable on all devices with either 4G LTE, 3G or 2G internet enabled phone.
Some of you have been flexing endless YouTube videos streaming and downloading on YouTube via MTN network while some are enjoying Airtel social data bundles to download large files via opera mini browser and today am going to show you how you can get unlimited YouTube streaming or downloading using your YouTube Go App or YouTube App with Glo network.

Before I proceed, get these materials ready

⏩ Working Glo SIM
⏩ YouTube Go app or YouTube App
⏩ 2G/3G/4G LTE network internet enabled phone
⏩ Any device like windows phone, Android, iOS or PC.

Now to watch and download unlimited on YouTube try this

➡ Subscribe to any data bundles from ₦500 above by dialing *777#. Note: you can also buy data plan using Glo hsi self-care

➡ Once you have subscribed, wake up at 12.30am or to start the YouTube unlimited streaming and downloading from 1am - 5am daily.

➡ Switch on your data, open your YouTube Go app or YouTube App and start streaming and downloading your favorite contents.

Things to note

➡ Your ₦500 or ₦1000 subscription has nothing to do with the YouTube streaming or downloading. It works as gateway (gives you access)
➡ Dial *127*0# to check your data balance to see if has be deducted but don't worry you will notice that it is still unchanged/deducted from your current data as far as you are still between 1am-5am.
➡ Only streaming and downloading YouTube videos will make your data not been deducted.
➡ If you browse or do social networking, your current data will start reducing because you browse another site that is apart from YouTube.
➡ After 5am and you are still streaming or downloading, accept the fact that your main data must surely be tamper, don't say i didn't warmed you.


Season of Surprises as MTN gives free 100mb data to all customers, see Code to get yours now!

Psiphon handler: Airtel YouTube flex cheated with psiphon handler July 2017

Latest Glo 0.0k free browsing cheat for July 2017

Saturday, December 9

Today am sharing with you top Email marketing statistics from 2014 - 2017 (35 in numbers) which you as a digital marketer should know before 2018 in order to maximize ROI.
Email marketing has been a buzz phrase in the digital marketing industry right from 1978 till date, alongside with the recent channels SMS and Social medias.
The needs of growing email lists to any business has been the goal to accelerate growth in their business. With thousands of email marketing stats bouncing up and down the web, it is slightly difficult for anyone especially newly businesses to know which one is factual, relevant and current. From a post shared by and , i have compiled top eye-opening email marketing statistics that you should know before 2017 ends.

1# The numbers of email users worldwide is forecasted to rise to 2.9 billion users by 2019. (Source: Statista 2016)

2# 11a.m ET has the highest clickthrough rate for email sends (Source: Hubspot 2015)

3# 54% of marketers say increasing engagement rate is their top email marketing priority (source: Ascend2 2016)

4# The number of e-mail users in the US is projected to grow to 244.5 million by the end of 2017, that number is forecast to grow to 254.7million by 2020 (source: Statista 2016)

5# For every $1 you spend, average return of $38 is expected (Source: 2015)

6# Adobe's second Email survey of white collar workers said that the time spent checking email increased 17% YoY (source: 2016)

7# Survey respondents to Adobe's second annual email survey say they check emails while watching TV or while watching a Movie (69%), in bed (57%), and on vacation (79%). Percentages increase across the board for millennials (ages 18 - 34). (source: 2016)

8# Two-thirds of e-mails are read on Smartphones (source: marketing land 2015)

9# Americans most commonly check their emails while watching TV (70%), from bed (52%), on vacation (50%), while on the phone (43%), from the bathroom (42%) and even while driving (18%) (source: 2015)

10# 48% of e-mails are opened on a smartphone (source: Movable Ink, 2015)

11# 41% of e-mail are opened on an iPhone (source: movable Ink, 2015)

12# 75% of Gmail users access their accounts on mobile devices (source: TechCrunch 2015)

13# Gmail has active users of 1 billion worldwide (source: Statista 2016)

14# 66% of unsubscribes occur between 5 and 10pm (source: Tomasz Tunguz 2015)

15# 86% of professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes (source: 2017)

16# 78% of consumers have unsubscribed from emails because a brand was sending too many emails (source: 2016)

17# 42% of marketers do not send targeted email messages, only 4% use layered targeting (source: marketingProfs 2016)

18# Segmented and targeted emails generate 58% of all revenue ( source: The direct marketing association 2015)

19# The ability to segment email lists and individualize email campaign messaging are the most effective personalization tactics for 51% and 50% of marketing influencers respectively (source: Ascend2 2016)

20# 83% of companies use at least basic segmentation for their emails (source: Econsultancy 2016)

21# Email subject lines that include the words “Thank you” have the highest above-average engagement levels (source: Adestra 2015)

22# Brands that personalize promotional marketing emails experience 27% higher unique click rate and 11% higher open rate than those that do not personalize (source: 2016)

23# More than 86% of businesses surveyed indicate that they plan to increase their upcoming email marketing budgets (source: 2016)

24# Email recipients who favor Mobile-aware email marketing designs rose from 15% in 2015 to 27% in 2016 (source: 2016)

25# Open rates increased on a year-over-year basis (up from 31% to 34.1%) while click rates declined (from 3.5% to 3.1%) according to a Q3 2016 review of benchmarks by Epsilon (source: Epsilon 2017)

26# Segmented email campaigns have an open rate that is 14.32% higher than non-segmented campaigns (source: 2016)

27# Email notifications about abandoned carts have a 40.5% open rate (source: Emarketer 2015)

28# As the number of images in an email increases, the clickthrough rate of the email tends to decrease (source: Hubspot 2014)

29# Consumers have an average of 1.8 accounts per user, US business users have an average of 1.2 accounts per user as of 2016 (source: 2016)

30# Consumer email accounts make up the majority of US email accounts in 2016, representing 79% of US mail boxes (source: 2016)

31# Only about one-third of US retail email list subscribers have actually made a purchase from the retailer whose email they subscribed to, according to industry data cited by email marketingFirm Listrak, many have made just one purchase from that retailer. (source: Emarketer 2016)

32# According to August 2016 data from e-commerce website personalization provider Barilliance. The best retargeting conversion rate happens when the first retargeting email is sent within an hour (source: Emarketer 2016)

33# Triggered emails drive 624% higher conversion responses for the same number of sends as compared to “batch and blast” emails. This is driven by a 381% higher click rate and an 180% higher post-click conversion rate. (source: 2016)

34# Out of the 35% of US retail email list subscribers who are customers of the retailer they received an email from, just 15% have made multiple purchases. (source: Emarketer 2016)

35# 64% of people prefer rich text emails (source: Hubspot 2014)

In conclusion, these handpicked stats are the major ones I thought you should know. There are alot out there which you can search on. In order to maximize ROI using email marketing as your primary marketing tool, the needs for you to review these email marketing statistics are not overlookable cause it is required in your strategy and tactics.
Note: as I said earlier that I compiled these stats from a blog post by hubspot and webpresencesolutions , i claimed no account of the stats.
All credit goes to them.

You can also share your own stats with us using below comment box.
Thank you


SMS Marketing and Importance/Benefits.

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Friday, December 8


SMS is an acronym which stands for short message service and it is also called Text messages - Together are the messages that people send from their mobile phone or Computer.
SMS Marketing simply involves capturing a user's phone number and sending them text offers and is one of the most popular e-marketing channel - all about content marketing. To market using SMS marketing, one should learn Target Marketing. Target Marketing is marketing to a specific group/audience. This target marketing implies to all type of Content marketing such as email, mobile and social medias marketing whereby you market to your target audience (audience related to your niche).
A company that wants to send SMS messages for their skirts store would target women and not men. If you are selling ads space in your newspaper channel, your target marketing should be Adverstiers such as marketers, webmasters, companies, bloggers etc - this is what target marketing is all about.

According to statics, more than 90% of the world population has cellular phones and about 85% of them make use of SMS, this is what makes SMS marketing highly efficient.
SMS marketing are one of the popular way to market because of it's efficiency. SMS marketing are convertible, quickly and conveniently the same way as Email Marketing.


SMS marketing became increasingly popular in the early 2000s in Europe and some parts of Asia when businesses started to collect mobile phone numbers and send off wanted or unwanted contents. Because sent off SMS messages are read within 4 minutes making it highly convertible leads to it becoming a legitimate advertising channel in some parts of the world over few years. The popularising of SMS marketing are because the junk mail, spam or adverts over public internet. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the Mobile marketing Association (MMA) has established guidelines and rules guiding the use of mobile channel for marketers which leads to the fruitful of SMS marketing in developed regions such as North America, Western Europe and some other countries. Also SPAM sms messages which are sent without legitimate remains an issue in many other parts of the world. SMS marketing are more popular in Europe and Asia. Concurrently, there are over 100million advertising SMS sent off every month in Europe alone.


1# Fast Deliver Ability:
The average time carrier of SMS service from sender to receiver is less than 7 seconds thereby it's more fast means channel just like Email marketing.
Other marketing channels are also fast but nothing to compare with SMS marketing that puts your message into your subscribers pockets in seconds.

2# It's Direct and Easy Accessible Channel:
It's direct and easy accessible by customers/subscribers and has high read rate of 97% within 4 minutes delivery which assures publisher instant read time. A significant 45% of SMS campaigns generate a successful ROI, reaching over 50% when combined with other popular channels such as email and social medias.

3# You can use a Shortcodes or Keywords to build your database:
You can build your database and increase your subscribers or customers by placing a simply Shortcodes/keywords in your website/blog/social media in which your customers send and instantly join your database. You might have come across while surfing the internet where it is written “To get all our updates directly to your sms/text message” (or something like that), send Follow @example to 42990 or something like that. This is what I mean by using Shortcodes/keywords to build your database.

4# Instant opt-in and opt-out:
With the advent of Shortcodes explained above, opting in OR opting out of your SMS stream is done instantly - unlike that of email marketing that opt-in and opt-out require prolonged procedure where you need to opt-in or opt-out and then head to your email inbox to confirm or decline the subscription but that of SMS require One-time steps.
Such opt-in and opt-out Shortcodes will be like Send Sesgist to 731 to opt-in or stop sesgist to 731 to opt-out. Note that this is just an example. Having seen this, SMS has instant opt-in and opt-out than any other marketing channels.

5# It Works and Integrate together with other channels:
It's mind-blowing that all channels works together with each other and there is no exceptions in SMS marketing. SMS can be used to remind customers if they have read their social media post(s) or email just something like Have you read our recent mail ?. Therefore SMS are a great Standalone channel.

6# High Open Rate:
I said earlier (no.1) that SMS has fast Deliverability also has high open rate. Let's take it like this, When we hear a buzz or message notification on our phones, we are eager to see what is it. In some cases, those with messages announcer have their messages opened and read automatically.
Essentially, almost every SMS sent is opened and read where email and social medias aren't. SMS has 90%-98% open rate than social media or email.

7# High and instant conversion rate:
SMS call-to-action has high rate than email and social medias. The action taken in your SMS campaign whether promotions or contests are instant and of high rate to compare to other marketing channels.

8# Save more time because SMS requires short messages.:
SMS save you more time to write long character article. Also SMS been a boon marketing which requires clear and straight to the point, thereby saving more time.


SMS marketing has some disadvantages but it's advantage exceeded it's disadvantages.

1# People respond negatively to irrelevant and unwanted texts.
To solve this: Make sure you have their permission to send them texts and that your SMS marketing complies with privacy and data protection rules.

2# Your messages has to be short thereby not expressing your campaigns in details.
To solve this: Always add a shortened link below your campaign Post which will redirect subscribers to publisher's website.

3# Due to some Carriers selling their members databases to third parties results in SPAM SMS messages.
To solve this: Actions to be taken un-lightly to whosoever fails the e-commerce rules and regulations.

In conclusion, SMS marketing are suitable and best for bigger companies.

Thanks for your time.


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Have you ever had to compare iPhone X to Google's pixel 2 in order to know which one is better to buy? - the choice to buy any of the phone is yours but sometimes are hard to make these days as both devices shares features that were once exclusive to one another.
Google's pixel 2 was launched this year with OLED display that was better than Apple's former flagship “iPhone 7(plus)” bog-standard LCD Displays. Like I said in my recent article on phone's specs to consider before buying a new phone that OLED display are quite better than LCD. Also features fast charging that were absent in iPhone 7(plus).
But with the Apple's 2017 flagship phone (iPhone X) with that of Google's Pixel 2 stunning OLED display and featured fast charging, No one would claimed that the Pixel 2 is better than anymore. To compare both phones are hard to both fans but let's do the comparison together. Google's pixel 2 fans wouldn't believed me when I say that iPhone x is far better than pixel 2.

iPhone x
Has Edge to Edge with OLED display

Google's pixel 2
Has narrow-ish with uneven bezels along OLED display

iPhone x
Featured wireless charging along with fast charging

Google's pixel 2
Wireless charging absent but featured fast charging

iPhone x
iphone x zoomed in digitally on top of it's 2x optical zoom lens with dual-camera system

Google's pixel 2
Google's pixel 2 XL's zoom is purely digital with one regular camera lens

iPhone x
More premium material body with it's Stainless Steel frame and glass back

Google's pixel 2
Has metal build coated with a material that can feel some what plastic to the touch

iPhone x
Apple's apps are better optimized and designed, also work flawlessly with one another

Google's pixel 2
Google has more apps designed for their Os but aren't optimized like that of Apple, also do not really work flawlessly with each other

iPhone x
5.80 inch screen size, 1125×2436 pixels resolution, 174.00g weight, 143.60×70.90×7.70mm dimensions

Google's pixel 2
5.00 inch screen size, 1080×1920 pixels resolution, 143.00g weight, 145.70×69.70×7.80mm dimensions

iPhone x
Inbuilt battery (non-removable battery) of 2716mAh battery capacity

Google's pixel 2
Inbuilt battery (non-removable battery) of 2700mAh battery capacity

iPhone x
3GB RAM, 64GB storage with no expandable storage

Google's pixel 2
4GB RAM, 64GB storage with no expandable storage (no SD card slot)

iPhone x
Hexa-core processor with Apple's all bionic processor make

Google's pixel 2
1-9GHz Octa-core processor with Qualcomm Snap dragon processor make

iPhone x
12-megapixel rear camera with 7-megapixel front camera with dual LED

Google's pixel 2
12.2-megapixel rear camera with 8-megapixel front camera with Dual LED

iPhone x
Os = iOS 11

Google's pixel 2
Os = Android 8.00

iPhone x
Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Ambient Light sensor, Gyroscope, Barometer - all present with absence of Compass/magnetometer and Temperature sensor

Google's pixel 2
Compass/magnetometer, proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Ambient Light sensor, Gyroscope, Barometer - all present with absence of only Temperature sensor

iPhone x
Supports 3G and 4G LET, 1 SIM with Nano-SIM type

Google's pixel 2
Supports 3G and 4G LTE, 1 SIM with Nano-SIM type

iPhone x
Price = Rs89, 000

Google's pixel 2
Price = Rs61, 000

Looking above look-alike features, one will find it hard to choose from the two.
But for me, iPhone X killed it all and I will go for it if the money arises because of the following points...

1# iPhone X looks and feels better to touch.
2# iPhone X's camera can zoom a lot better than the Pixel 2's cameras.
3# The screen on the iPhone X is better, at least compared to the larger Pixel 2 XL.
4# The Apple ecosystem is unbeatable - one iPhone X you got in your hand can give you more respect than 3 Google's pixel 2 your friend has.

Let's see your comments based on your choice. Invite or share with your friends.

Tuesday, December 5

Mtn Christmas promo called season of surprises is here again and Mtn is currently rewarding their customers and subscribers recently through the means of their "season of surprises" package.

The SMS reads 

It's the season of surprises and you have been rewarded 100mb data. Chat on whatsapp & post/like pictures on facebook for free. Dial *559*4#. Bonus is for 7days.

Note that you can get more than 100mb - up to 2GB or 1GB as testimonies shared by users are.
Browse facebook, chat on whatsapp and lot more with this bonus.

To activate or check your balance, dial *559*4# to enjoy your season of surprises bonus.
Your luck gives it all. Hit the share button now to share with your friends if you are caring about your friends. More than 100mb to be gotten for free.
Note: Eligible for all users.

My proves

YouTube viewers can now enjoy offline version of YouTube app. It allows YouTube users to download and save content they want by giving them video quality and file size.
Also allows local sharing i.e sharing to nearby users without using any data.
YouTube launched an offline version of its app officially know as YouTube Go to it's viewers in developing countries across the globe where network coverage/internet connectivity is still a challenge especially in African countries. The app has two unique features stated above.
From a blog post from YouTube official website, it's stated that YouTube Go was created to be relatable with fresh and relevant video recommendations tailored to viewers preferences. The app is designed to be offline first and improve the experience of streaming videos on slower network. It gives you more control over data usage by providing choice and transparency in the amount of data spent on streaming or saving videos.
YouTube Go is intended for developing countries where majority of devices are on Android operating system. The app is only available on Android operating system and will not support other Os.
Now available across Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. Will be available in Senegal and Uganda in coming week.

Saturday, December 2

Video hosting services are websites or softwares that allow users to distribute their video clips. Some services may charge a fee but the majority out there are available for free. Commercialization features such as partnership programs and the ability for users to offer pay-per-view for their videos are offered by some services.

The options for private sharing and other publication sharing are also there for some services. Video hosting websites are classified mainly into four popular categories: they include

1# User-generated video sharing websites
They are sites mostly offer free services whereby users can upload video clips and share them with the audiences. Many sites place restrictions and rules of their supported options like the size of the file, video format (3gp, Mp4, fvi etc), subject matter and duration.
According to some website's terms and conditions (Terms of service), they state it clear that they do not allow inappropriate content though that what seems as inappropriate content varies from one site to other, under age (person below 18) will not be able to access their site. They have the right to screen all their content before publishing while some approve first and use community features to filter out inappropriate content after-the-fact.

2# Video sharing platform/White Label providers
They sell the technology to various parties that allow them to create the services of the aforementioned. They are websites that host and manage other companies's videos/images/audio. Some of these websites also offer user-generated video sharing both for showing off purpose and for commercial purposes.

3# Web-based video editing
These type of video hosting site are websites that offer user-generated video sharing in addition to some form of editing application for easily cropping of their video into smaller clip. Some of these applications are based in AJAX and FLASH. This is not a desktop-but-web-based video editor list with downloadable editors offer.

4# Enterprise Providers
They offer exclusively serving businesses wanting to share video contents internally with employees or externally with customers, partners or prospects. Their features include limiting access to authenticated users, tracking of user actions, integration with single sign-on services and lacks of the advertisements normally present on public sites.

According to Wikipedia's Commons:mediastatistics here are all the available video hosting services 2017 (list). Listed according to categories and sorted alphabetically. All credits goes to Wikipedia's mediastatistics.

Note: Adult (pornographic) video hosting services just as Pornhub are not listed here.

Hoster Category

Acfun User-generated
Aparat User-generated User-generated
AfreecaTV User-generated
Bilibili User-generated User-generated
Buzznet User-generated User-generated User-generated
Dailymotion User-generated
Daum User-generated
EngageMedia User-generated
ExpoTV User-generated
Facebook User-generated
Flickr User-generated
Fotki User-generated
Frequency User-generated User-generated
Funshion User-generated
Gfycat User-generated
GoodnessTV User-generated
GodTube User-generated
LeTV User-generated
Liveleak User-generated
Mainstreaming User-generated
Mefeedia User-generated
Metacafe User-generated
MySpace User-generated
Naver User-generated
Nico Nico Douga User-generated
OneWorldTv User-generated
OraTV User-generated
Photobucket User-generated
QqVideo User-generated
Rediff User-generated
RutTube User-generated
Sapo Videos User-generated
School Tube User-generated
Smugmug User-generated User-generated
Triluilu User-generated
Tudou User-generated
Twitch User-generated
Tvuol User-generated
Vbox7 User-generated
Veoh User-generated
Viddler User-generated
Viddsee User-generated
Vidme User-generated
Vidoosh User-generated
Vidyard User-generated
Vimeo User-generated
Vk User-generated
Vzaar User-generated
Wistia User-generated
Youku User-generated
YouTube User-generated
Zing.on User-generated

Dailymotion Cloud White Labels
VHx White Labels

Animoto Web-based
Clesh Web-based
Dailymotion Web-based
FORscene Web-based
Magisto Web-based
Pixorial Web-based
WeVideo Web-based
YouTube Web-based

BrightCove Enterprise providers
Cambridge Enterprise providers
Dailymotion Enterprise providers
Jwplayer Enterprise providers
Kaltura Enterprise providers
Kewego Enterprise providers
Mediacore Enterprise providers
MetaCDN Enterprise providers
Ooyala Enterprise providers
ThePlaform Enterprise providers
Ustream Enterprise providers
Viastreaming Enterprise providers
Viddler Enterprise providers

Now you have known all the 2017 available Videos hosting services, you should start hosting your videos massively in other to drive conversion.

Did I miss any available video hosting services ? Share on comment box or you can just send me a mail.
Note: Most available video hosting services listed above are not in English language.

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